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i have all those enabled and still no blobs, most of the time the markers show, funny thing is this is only in Pandaria i have an open quest in 1k needles that still shows the blob
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Originally Posted by Rythal View Post
do you have both parts enabled? (sync quest watch in carbonite options, and track quest POI in the magnifying glass minimap button)
Yup, I have 'Sync Carbonite Watched with Blizzard Watch' enabled in the options panel and Track Quest POI's is enabled in the mini-map magnifying glass button.

I've had both of these options turned on since 'forever'.

I see the quest marker icons on the mini-map, but no longer see the 'quest shaded areas' (haven't seen them since MoP went active). It's inconvenient, but neither is it a deal breaker, didn't bother mentioning it before this while you were working on bigger issues, like just getting Carb to work without two million LUA errors.
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I am having the same problems as well. I have both options checked and I can't see any quest blobs or NPC Scan overlay blobs on the full map or the minimap. However, they are their for the default map/minimap though. I don't know what to do because I love Carbonite's maps so much more than the default maps, but the blobs help out a lot.
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The NPC Scan does work. Try looking at the area between Kalimdor and the Whirlpool. Its there its just REALLY small and out of placed. Hopefully NPC Scan will fix this soon.
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My fault, I missed a couple variable renames in the code I sent him... Saiket's fixed it and if you visit the repository listed on the first page a working copy of the file is there.

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