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A Defias Bandit
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Frame iteration question

Hello, I have a question on frame iteration and LUA scope (I am quite new to LUA). What I want to do is make a function that creates a bunch of child frames that connect to the parent frame and shoves them in a table but I haven't been able to make my attempts work. The reason I'd like to have a table is so that I can then iterate over them easily and change attributes.

Code below:

local frame = createframe('frame', 'frame', UIPARENT)
local frameCache = {}

local function = frameInit(name, x)
--make movable, allow mouse interaction, call makeMiniFrame x number of times

--relevent portion
   for i = 1, x, 1 do
      makeMiniFrame("frame" .. i, frame)
      table.insert(frameCache, "frame" .. i)

local makeMiniFrame, otherFrameFunction
   makeMiniFrame = function(name, parent)
      local f = CreateFrame('Frame', name, parent)
      return f

   otherFrameFunction = function(name)
      if name then
         f = name
      f: --dostuff to frame
   return f

Is this the correct way of approaching this or am I completely off base?
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11-14-12, 04:23 PM   #2
A Pyroguard Emberseer
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Function names are case sensitive so for starters you need
local frame = CreateFrame("Frame", "myframename", UIParent)
Secondly you can store your frames in a table for easy iteration but frames are tables themselves.
So you could just as well store the references to the children on the parent frame.

for i=1,5 do
  frame.children = frame.children or {}
  frame.children[i] = CreateFrame("Frame", "child"..i, frame) -- or your custom frame creation function

for _,child in ipairs(frame.children) do
  -- manipulate the child frame

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A Defias Bandit
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Okay, that seemed to clear up the problem. Thanks!
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