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Objective is not in the database

(this is a repost from the WoW official forums but I figured here would be a better place)

This is driving me crazy! I came back to WoW for MoP and I don't remember ever having this issue before. I have updated Carbonite so that is not the issue....

I know this message can show up for rarely done / new quests which aren't in the database, but this is not the issue I have. This happens on lots of quests, mostly when the objective is not in the zone I currently am. For example, I just picked up the August Celestials Daily sending me to White Tiger temple and it's not trackable... Heck, the Blizz internal addon works, so why-oh-why would Carbonite not pick that up? This also happens on non-daily quests, so it's no that quest in particular, happens on ALL quests that are not in the zone and I seem to remember getting it on quests that were in the zone too.

Sometimes, I don't know why or how, they end up fixing themselves.. Not sure if it's zoning, re-logging or what, but quests that weren't trackable minutes before become available.

What the heck is up with that? It's really driving me crazy, I really like Carbonite and I'm not a big fan of the internal Blizz tracker, so I'd really like to find a solution for this.

While we're at it, since a couple of Carbonite updates ago, I get a message that says something like "Get data from server for ..." whatever when I first login... What's up with that? I don't remember ever seeing this in older versions. I found there's a checkbox to disable it and I did, I don't know what impact it will have.

Any help would be appreciated...

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