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Carbonite Minimap button not hiding on log in!

With all of the other problems that Rythal is working on in Carbonite, this is a minor (if irritating) one: Like the title says, the Carbonite minimap button always shows up on the minimap when I log in to a character. I have the maps merged, and I use the Broker Carbonite addon since I use a LDB display along the bottom of my screen.

In Carbonites options I have the minimap button unchecked so it should not show, and the Blizzard World Map button checked TO SHOW, but instead, both buttons show up on log in, and when I open Carbonites options and check, then uncheck, the option to show the Carbonite minimap button (so it will hide it), it hides BOTH BUTTONS. This happens with both the "Live" and "BETA" versions.

I would think that there is another addon interfering with Carbonite to cause this, but I removed all of the addons I am currently using (I really just renamed the "Interface" and "WTF" folders) and the problem still existed with no third party addons at all.

This problem is not going to stop me from continuing to use Carbonite. It is just that it is irritating and I finally decided to post something about it. Hopefully, if it is something that is easy to fix and Rythal remembers it while he's working on an upcoming release, great! If not, meh. I'm still gonna continue using Carbonite anyway.
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