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get class spec of Enemy Unit in BG

I want to get class & spec of EnemyUnit in BG ( "target", "raid1target"...
the function print correctly the class & Spec but returns nil,nil,nil when I want to use it in an other function.
local unit = "target"
local enemyRole,enemySpec,enemyClass = jps_EnemySpec_BG(unit)

returns nil,nil,nil
I don't understand why?

Lua Code:
  1. function jps_EnemySpec_BG(unit)
  2.     if not UnitExists(unit) then unit = "player"
  3.     else unit = "target" end
  5.     if CheckInteractDistance(unit,1)  then
  6.         NotifyInspect(unit)
  7.     end
  8.     local f=CreateFrame("Frame")
  9.     f:RegisterEvent("INSPECT_READY")
  10.     f:SetScript("OnEvent",function(self,event,...)
  11.         if event == "INSPECT_READY" then
  12.             local specID = GetInspectSpecialization(unit)
  13.             local enemySpec = select(2,GetSpecializationInfoByID(specID))
  14.             local enemyRole = select(6,GetSpecializationInfoByID(specID))
  15.             local enemyClass = select(7,GetSpecializationInfoByID(specID))
  16.             print(specID,"-",UnitName(unit),"is",jps_tableSpec[specID],"-",enemyClass,"-",enemySpec,"-",enemyRole)
  17.         end
  18.         f:UnregisterEvent("INSPECT_READY")
  19.     end)
  21. return enemyRole,enemySpec,enemyClass
  22. end

Ps jps_tableSpec is a simple table of differnts spec

Lua Code:
  1. jps_tableSpec =
  2. {
  3.   [250]="Blood", [251]="Frost", [252]="Unholy", [102]="Balance", [103]="Feral",
  4.   [104]="Guardian", [105]="Restoration", [253]="Beast Mastery", [254]="Marksmanship",
  5.   [255]="Survival", [62]="Arcane", [63]="Fire", [64]="Frost", [268]="Brewmaster",
  6.   [270]="Mistweaver", [269]="Windwalker", [65]="Holy", [66]="Protection",
  7.   [70]="Retribution", [256]="Discipline", [257]="Holy", [258]="Shadow",
  8.   [259]="Assassination", [260]="Combat", [261]="Subtlety", [262]="Elemental",
  9.   [263]="Enhancement", [264]="Restoration", [265]="Affliction", [266]="Demonology",
  10.   [267]="Destruction", [71]="Arms", [72]="Fury", [73]="Protection",
  11.   [0]="Unknown Spec"
  12. }
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