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No Quest Markers with 5.2

Hello sir.

Did a clean install of the latest Beta today, with the latest 5.2 update.
I am finding that the quest markers are not appearing on the new thunder Isle.
the "?" Marks and "!" will show in mini map area as you pass close to these areas, but no long shot view or Quest markers showing where to search for the quest line is shown on the overall map.
This is also after doing a "/Reload"
Had to switch back to default map to fond my way around Island.
Can supply images if that would be better.

let me know friend, and I will help where I can

Many Thanks

UPDATES (03/06/2013):
After the last 12 hours of play, and switch Carbonite on and off through various areas, quests and dailies. I have come to an interesting conclusion.
Only quests on Thunder Isle do not appear in Carbonite.
All dailies from the Capitals to the usual and daily quest lines in Pandaria do get a marker, but apparently no new quest markers appear for the new area.
Again; I noticed that "?" and "!" show in the mini map for the thunder isle, but not in the overall map.

So, apparently, whatever is happening, Carbonite is only effected in the new areas....Isle of thunder and the isle of giants....all other usage of Carbonite appears normal at this time


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