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Mount macro

I'm using a mount addon that casts random mounts depending on location. Simple /rmount.

How can i make a macro will be grayed out if i can not mount(like in combat or indoors), or glow as if equiped?
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If I'm not mistaken, you'll need to poll the action buttons to see which slot your macro is in. Your addon would then need to handle the change of its display manually.
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It would be easier to update your macro to use "/cast" commands and let the Blizzard code handle coloring and highlighting the action button.

For example, the addon would need to edit the macro with a new "/cast Mount Name" after each time you mounted (or every 2 minutes, etc) to show the next mount to be used.

Since addons can't edit macros in combat, if you wanted the macro to be useful in combat, your addon would need to edit the macro when entering combat to something like "/cast Travel Form" and edit it back to use a mount after combat ended.
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Hehe this all sound way to complicated for me Think i'm just gonna stick with the simple macro i have.
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#showtooltip [flyable]Red Drake;[noflyable]Swift Gray Ram
/run if IsMounted()then return end local t if not IsFlyableArea()then t={3,8,9,10}else t={1,2,4,6,7}end CallCompanion("MOUNT",t[random(#t)])

I think there is a condition for #show something like [notmountable] or something...
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