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Not a bug per se, but a map oddity


The recent thread about minimap errors made me remember something that may not be a bug, but is a behavior that used to really annoy me. It's somewhat less annoying since the shift to profiles, since I only have to correct it (I think!) once.

I've always used Carbonite as a replacement for the normal minimap entirely, and I tend to put it in the upper right corner of the screen. Whenever entering a battleground, the map suddenly gets reset over to the middle-left edge, and resized.

I figured I'd report it, as it seems like unusual behavior. Maybe it was a design decision, maybe it's a bug. I find it annoying and wish there were an option to say "don't do that, leave stuff where I put it".
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Isn't this due to the battleground resize option in Carbonite? Right click the map -> Minimap -> option for resizing in BG. Forgot the name, but look it up. Maybe the size is different from your standard minimized setting?
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This will only happen the first time you enter a battleground, per battleground.. After that the position and size of the map will save for next time. (In theory)
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I believe this is because each battleground has its own map, which is not the map you have put in the top right corner!

JimJoBlue is correct and you should only have to move it once per battleground and it will remember your settings!

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