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What is the newest version of carbonite and where do I download it. Also I am having alot of quest not showing up in the data base is there a fix for this..
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Originally Posted by Drakonis5056 View Post
What is the newest version of carbonite and where do I download it. Also I am having alot of quest not showing up in the data base is there a fix for this..
The latest version of Carbonite is Carbonite BETA VERSION: 5.4.2 Alpha 5. That's the link for it here at It is also available at Carbonite BETA VERSION: 5.4.2 Alpha 5.

As far as the quests not showing up in the data base, there is no fix for it. That I know of.
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I have started working on populating quest info for pandaria, would like someone to look at it to see if I am doing it right. Since I am new to working with lua, below is the quests86-90.lua and questcats.lua.

If this looks good I will try adding the npc's in followed by objectives.
I not sure if I understand how to add the objectives in correctly, do I only add the name of the objective or the name with the number of items listed as well.

Objectives = {
[objective number] = {
"objective name/description|zone|point type as above|location x|location y|size of box - x|size of box - y",

For each objective in the quest you can add an objective to the list.
Each objective can have as many boxes drawn as you want to shape it
objective name/description for now have always been nil, which is why unknown quest objectives have always shown '?' when group sharing, or when viewing someone on the map. " Rythal"
if not Nx.ModQuests then
	Nx.ModQuests = {}

local ModQuests={
------- The Jade Forest Quests --------------
[26619] = {
    Quest = [[A Courteous Guest|0|86|85|26620|48]],
[26620] = {
	Quest = [[The Great Banquet|0|86|85|0|48]],
[29756] = {
	Quest = [[A Humble Offering|0|86|85|0|48]],
[29822] = {
	Quest = [[Lay of the Land|2|86|85|31121|48]],
[31121] = {
	Quest = [[Stay a While, and Listen|2|86|85|31132|48]],
[31132] = {
	Quest = [[A Mile in My Shoes|2|86|85|31134|48]],
[31134] = {
	Quest = [[If These Stones Could Speak|2|86|85|0|48]],
[30011] = {
	Quest = [[A New Vision|0|86|85|0|48]],
[29903] = {
	Quest = [[A Perfact Match|1|86|85|29904|48]],
[29627] = {
	Quest = [[A Proper Weapon|0|86|85|0|48]],
[29629] = {
	Quest = [[A Steady Hand|0|86|85|29646|48]],

function Nx.ModQuests:Load10 ()
	for key,val in pairs(ModQuests) do
		Nx.Quests[key] = val

function Nx.ModQuests:Clear10 ()
	ModQuests = {}
--[[ reference samples below
	[29629] = {                 
	Quest = [[A Steady Hand|0|86|85|29646|48]],     add pandaria under number 48 in questcats.lua in hopes it will list these quests correctly
 [quest ID] = {
Quest = [[Quest Name|faction|quest level|quest minimum level|next quest in series|quest category]],
Start = "NPC Id|zone id|point type|location X|location Y",
End = "NPC Id|zone id|point type|location X|location Y",
 "Children's Week",
 "Treasure Map",
 "First Aid",
 "Darkmoon Faire",
 "REUSE - old wailing caverns",
 "Ahn'Qiraj War",
 "Lunar Festival",
 "Death Knight",
 "Day of the Dead",
 "Pilgrim's Bounty",
 "Love is in the Air",
 "Northern Stranglethorn",
 "Firelands Invasion",
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It looks correct to me
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updated quests86-90

add Npc's and Objectives
Tried adding nickname/title to "Wise Mari\"Waterspeaker\"" but not sure if that is the correct way to do it.
got MapID# from

if not Nx.ModQuests then
	Nx.ModQuests = {}

local ModQuests={
------- The Jade Forest Quests --------------
[29619] = {
    Quest = [[A Courteous Guest|0|86|85|26620|48]],
	Start = "3332|806|32|45|25",
	End = "3332|806|32|45|25",
	Objectives = {
      [1] = {
         "Ripe Orange|806|35|45.2|28.5|5.01|6.68",
		 "Ripe Orange|806|35|45.8|27.6|5.01|6.68",
[29620] = {
	Quest = [[The Great Banquet|0|86|85|0|48]],
	Start = "3332|806|32|45|25",
	End = "3339|806|32|45.2|25",
	Objectives = {
		[1] = {
			"Speak with High Elder Cloudfall|806|35|45.2|25|5.01|6.68",
[29756] = {
	Quest = [[A Humble Offering|0|86|85|0|48]],
	Start = "3333|806|32|44.2|15",
	End = "3333|806|32|44.2|15",
	Objectives = {
	   [1] = {
	      "Tidemist Cap|806|35|38.2|12.2|5.01|6.68",
		  "Tidemist Cap|806|35|41.3|10.4|5.01|6.68",
[29822] = {
	Quest = [[Lay of the Land|2|86|85|31121|48]],
	Start = "3340|806|32|28.4|24.8",
	End = "3334|806|32|27.6|32.6",
	Objectives = {
		[1] = {
			"Shrine of the Sun Visited|806|35|31.8|28|5.01|6.68",
		[2] = {
			"Shrine of the Moon Visited|806|35|26.4|32.4|5.01|6.68",
		[3] = {
			"Dook Ookem Slain|806|35|27.76|30.35|5.01|6.68",
[31121] = {
	Quest = [[Stay a While, and Listen|2|86|85|31132|48]],
	Start = "3334|806|32|27.6|32.6",
	End = "3334|806|32|27.6|32.6",
	Objectives = {
		[1] = {
			"Drink from Cho's Teapot|806|35|27.6|32.6|5.01|6.68",
		[2] = {
			"Listen to Lorewalker Cho|806|35|27.6|32.6|5.01|6.68",
[31132] = {
	Quest = [[A Mile in My Shoes|2|86|85|31134|48]],
	Start = "3334|806|32|27.6|32.6",
	End = "3334|806|32|27.6|32.6",
	Objectives = {
		[1] = {
			"Speak to Lorewalker Cho|806|35|27.6|32.6|5.01|6.68", --[[ on speak to quest should I have an objective 
																							or just leave it blank--]]
[31134] = {
	Quest = [[If These Stones Could Speak|2|86|85|0|48]],
	Start = "3334|806|32|30.8|34",
	End = "3334|806|32|30.8|34"
	Objectives = {
		[1] = {
			"First Stone Monolith Translated|806|35|30.8|34|5.01|6.68",
		[2] = {
			"Second Stone Monolith Translated|806|35|30.8|34|5.01|6.68",
		[3] = {
			"Third Stone Monolith Translated|806|35|30.8|34|5.01|6.68",
[30011] = {
	Quest = [[A New Vision|0|86|85|0|48]],
	Start = "3335|806|32|57.6|56",
	End = "3336|806|32|58|58.6",
	Objectives = {
		[1] = {
			"Speak to Elder Sage Rain-Zhu|806|35|58.0|58.6|5.01|6.68",
[29903] = {
	Quest = [[A Perfact Match|1|86|85|29904|48]],
	Start = "3337|806|32|58.8|81.6",
	End = "3337|806|32|58.8|81.6",
	Objectives = {
		[1] = {
			"Speak to Pearlfin Aqualytes and arm them with the proper equipment|806|35|58.3|82.7|5.01|6.68",
		[2] = {
			"Pearlfin Aqualytes equipped|806|35|58.3|82.7|5.01|6.68",
[29627] = {
	Quest = [[A Proper Weapon|0|86|85|0|48]],
	Start = "3338|806|32|41.6|23.6",
	End = "3338|806|32|41.6|23.6",
	Objectives = {
		[1] = {
			"Rattan Switch|806|35|41.8|24.8|5.01|6.68",
		[2] = {
			"Black Walnut Extract|806|35|41.4|24.2|5.01|6.68",
		[3] = {
			"Triple-Bitter Ale|806|35|41.8|24.6|5.01|6.68",
[29629] = {
	Quest = [[A Steady Hand|0|86|85|29646|48]],
	Start = "3338|806|32|41.6|23.6",
	End = "3338|806|32|41.6|23.6",
	Objectives = {
		[1] = {
			"Blushleaf Extract|806|35|34.4|22.0|5.01|6.68",

function Nx.ModQuests:Load10 ()
	for key,val in pairs(ModQuests) do
		Nx.Quests[key] = val

function Nx.ModQuests:Clear10 ()
	ModQuests = {}


 "Senani Thunderheart",
 "Deputy Rainer",
 "Captain Tarkan",
 "Captain Goggath",
 "Marshal Dughan",
 "Guard Thomas",
 "A half-eaten body",
 "Remy \"Two Times\"",
 "Rolf's corpse",
 "Bounty Board",
 "Marshal McBride",
 "Sara Timberlain",
 "William Pestle",
 "Sealed Crate",
 "Marshal Haggard",
 "\"Auntie\" Bernice Stonefield",
 "Billy Maclure",
 "Ma Stonefield",
 "Maybell Maclure",
 "Tommy Joe Stonefield",
 "Gramma Stonefield",
 "Marshal McCree",
 "Human Orphan",
 "Orphan Matron Battlewail",
 "Orcish Orphan",
 "Wanted Poster",
 "Grelin Whitebeard",
 "Westfall Deed",
 "Lieutenant Horatio Laine",
 "Ajeck Rouack",
 "Sir S. J. Erlgadin",
 "Hemet Nesingwary Jr.",
 "Karang Amakkar",
 "Siege Master Stouthandle",
 "Old Lion Statue",
 "Clarice Foster",
 "Yuriv's Tombstone",
 "Glorin Steelbrow",
 "Jern Hornhelm",
 "Prospector Ironband",
 "Unguarded Thunder Ale Barrel",
 "Marleth Barleybrew",
 "Captain Tharran",
 "Rudra Amberstill",
 "Rejold Barleybrew",
 "Pilot Bellowfiz",
 "Renato Gallina",
 "Suzetta Gallina",
 "Harlan Bagley",
 "Rema Schneider",
 "Thurman Schneider",
 "Zardeth of the Black Claw",
 "Homing Robot OOX-17/TN",
 "Grimand Elmore",
 "Mountaineer Stormpike",
 "Ragnar Thunderbrew",
 "Razzle Sprysprocket",
 "Mountaineer Barleybrew",
 "Foreman Stonebrow",
 "Senator Mehr Stonehallow",
 "Pilot Longbeard",
 "Pilot Stonegear",
 "Athridas Bearmantle",
 "Gaerolas Talvethren",
 "Homing Robot OOX-09/HL",
 "Moon Priestess Amara",
 "Zenn Foulhoof",
 "Syral Bladeleaf",
 "Count Remington Ridgewell",
 "Barnil Stonepot",
 "Catelyn the Blade",
 "Musty Scroll",
 "Oglethorpe Obnoticus",
 "Grand Mason Marblesten",
 "Prospector Stormpike",
 "Ruul Eagletalon",
 "Eyahn Eagletalon",
 "Morin Cloudstalker",
 "Sealed Supply Crate",
 "Harken Windtotem",
 "Veren Tallstrider",
 "Skorn Whitecloud",
 "Lorekeeper Raintotem",
 "Ancestral Spirit",
 "Brewmaster Drohn",
 "Mastok Wrilehiss",
 "Je'neu Sancrea",
 "Takrin Pathseeker",
 "Kargal Battlescar",
 "Halga Bloodeye",
 "Sergra Darkthorn",
 "Apothecary Helbrim",
 "Telar Highstrider",
 "Regthar Deathgate",
 "Wizzlecrank's Shredder",
 "Mebok Mizzyrix",
 "Darsok Swiftdagger",
 "Tonga Runetotem",
 "Mahren Skyseer",
 "Jerrik Highmountain",
 "Wharfmaster Dizzywig",
 "Captain Thalo'thas Brightsun",
 "Control Console",
 "Brak Blusterpipe",
 "Rellian Greenspyre",
 "Corithras Moonrage",
 "Strange Fruited Plant",
 "Strange Fronded Plant",
 "Tallonkai Swiftroot",
 "Sentinel Arynia Cloudsbreak",
 "Denalan's Planter",
 "Crane Operator Bigglefuzz",
 "Smith Argus",
 "Nazeer Bloodpike",
 "Morgan Stern",
 "Melor Stonehoof",
 "\"Stinky\" Ignatz",
 "Elling Trias",
 "Tapoke \"Slim\" Jahn",
 "Commander Samaul",
 "Archmage Tervosh",
 "Private Hendel",
 "Felgur Twocuts",
 "Roetten Stonehammer",
 "Kreldig Ungor",
 "Karnitol's Chest",
 "Orphan Matron Nightingale",
 "Kranal Fiss",
 "Telf Joolam",
 "Tormus Deepforge",
 "Harry Burlguard",
 "Jordan Stilwell",
 "Bailor Stonehand",
 "Doan Karhan",
 "High Sorcerer Andromath",
 "Bingles Blastenheimer",
 "Falkhaan Isenstrider",
 "Innkeeper Farley",
 "Innkeeper Keldamyr",
 "Master Mathias Shaw",
 "The Discs of Norgannon",
 "High Examiner Tae'thelan Bloodwatcher",
 "Priestess A'moora",
 "Oben Rageclaw",
 "Orokk Omosh",
 "Master Gadrin",
 "The Sparklematic 5200",
 "Talvash del Kissel",
 "High Explorer Magellas",
 "Historian Karnik",
 "Sage Truthseeker",
 "Nara Wildmane",
 "Thadius Grimshade",
 "Rohaku Stonehoof",
 "Harutt Thunderhorn",
 "Lanka Farshot",
 "Meela Dawnstrider",
 "Gart Mistrunner",
 "Shadow Priest Sarvis",
 "Dannal Stern",
 "David Trias",
 "Dark Cleric Duesten",
 "Llane Beshere",
 "Brother Sammuel",
 "Jorik Kerridan",
 "Priestess Anetta",
 "Khelden Bremen",
 "Drusilla La Salle",
 "Jona Ironstock",
 "Thran Khorman",
 "Bromos Grummner",
 "Thorgas Grimson",
 "Solm Hargrin",
 "Branstock Khalder",
 "Saripal Smolderbrew",
 "Ayanna Everstride",
 "Frahun Shadewhisper",
 "Melithar Staghelm",
 "Mardant Strongoak",
 "Felix Whindlebolt",
 "Graham Van Talen",
 "Lilliam Sparkspindle",
 "Nixx Sprocketspring",
 "Tinkmaster Overspark",
 "Springspindle Fizzlegear",
 "Wenikee Boltbucket",
 "Large Leather Backpacks",
 "Zukk'ash Pod",
 "Alchemist Pestlezugg",
 "Zilzibin Drumlore",
 "Laris Geardawdle",
 "Beached Sea Turtle",
 "Rivern Frostwind",
 "Bibbly F'utzbuckle",
 "Hegnar Rumbleshot",
 "Supervisor Raelen",
 "Smeed Scrabblescrew",
 "Sentinel Aynasha",
 "Sentinel Onaeya",
 "Roon Wildmane",
 "Cork Gizelton",
 "Yori Crackhelm",
 "Stormpike Quartermaster",
 "Frostwolf Quartermaster",
 "Innkeeper Gryshka",
 "Turak Runetotem",
 "Rigger Gizelton",
 "Kali Remik",
 "Tristane Shadowstone",
 "Grif Wildheart",
 "Melizza Brimbuzzle",
 "Hornizz Brimbuzzle",
 "Deathguard Morris",
 "Anette Williams",
 "Gordon Wendham",
 "Michael Garrett",
 "Sister Aquinne",
 "Varg Windwhisper",
 "Gremlock Pilsnor",
 "Brolan Galebeard",
 "Ruul Snowhoof",
 "Yama Snowhoof",
 "Bragor Bloodfist",
 "Ertog Ragetusk",
 "Nat Pagle",
 "Grimnur Stonebrand",
 "Dirge Quikcleave",
 "Daryl Riknussun",
 "Doctor Gregory Victor",
 "Krenk Choplimb",
 "Doctor Gustaf VanHowzen",
 "Nissa Firestone",
 "Warsong Runner",
 "Kaymard Copperpinch",
 "Great-father Winter",
 "Strange Snowman",
 "Sagorne Creststrider",
 "Frostwolf Stable Master",
 "Whulwert Copperpinch",
 "Wulmort Jinglepocket",
 "Greatfather Winter",
 "Khole Jinglepocket",
 "Nardstrum Copperpinch",
 "Stormpike Stable Master",
 "Baine Bloodhoof",
 "Goli Krumn",
 "Muradin Bronzebeard",
 "Sergeant Durgen Stormpike",
 "Corporal Teeka Bloodsnarl",
 "Mountaineer Boombellow",
 "Prospector Stonehewer",
 "Voggah Deathgrip",
 "Warmaster Laggrond",
 "Lieutenant Haggerdin",
 "Murgot Deepforge",
 "Smith Regzar",
 "King Varian Wrynn",
 "Major Mattingly",
 "Spackle Thornberry",
 "Drakkisath's Brand",
 "Field Marshal Afrasiabi",
 "Garrosh Hellscream",
 "Overlord Runthak",
 "Highlord Demitrian",
 "Short John Mithril",
 "Melnan Darkstone",
 "Gelvas Grimegate",
 "Kruban Darkblade",
 "Professor Thaddeus Paleo",
 "Sayge's Fortune ",
 "Field Marshal Oslight",
 "Deathmaster Dwire",
 "Beetix Ficklespragg",
 "Hermit Ortell",
 "Windcaller Proudhorn",
 "Noggle Ficklespragg",
 "Wanted Poster: Deathclasp",
 "Vish Kozus",
 "Geologist Larksbane",
 "Commander Mar'alith",
 "Sandy Cookbook",
 "Rutgar Glyphshaper",
 "Frankal Stonebridge",
 "Bor Wildmane",
 "Huum Wildmane",
 "Magistrix Erona",
 "Lanthan Perilon",
 "Julia Sunstriker",
 "Delios Silverblade",
 "Well Watcher Solanian",
 "Arcanist Ithanas",
 "Arcanist Helion",
 "Outrunner Alarion",
 "Innkeeper Delaniel",
 "Aeldon Sunbrand",
 "Wanted: Thaelis the Hungerer",
 "Sergeant Kan'ren",
 "Magister Jaronis",
 "Larianna Riverwind",
 "Ranger Jaela",
 "Lieutenant Dawnrunner",
 "Arathel Sunforge",
 "Velendris Whitemorn",
 "Gorn One Eye",
 "Ley-Keeper Velania",
 "Apprentice Mirveda",
 "Runewarden Deryan",
 "Velan Brightoak",
 "Windcaller Yessendra",
 "Keyl Swiftclaw",
 "Warden Haro",
 "Summoner Teli'Larien",
 "Matron Arena",
 "Holly Preserver",
 "Wonderform Operator",
 "Innkeeper Allison",
 "Innkeeper Pala",
 "Lunar Festival Harbinger",
 "Valadar Starsong",
 "Lunar Festival Emissary",
 "Lunar Festival Herald",
 "Hathvelion Sungaze",
 "Captain Kelisendra",
 "Magister Duskwither",
 "Apprentice Loralthalis",
 "Magister Duskwither's Journal",
 "Ranger Degolien",
 "Groundskeeper Wyllithen",
 "Ley-Keeper Caidanis",
 "Apprentice Ralen",
 "Apprentice Meledor",
 "Instructor Antheol",
 "Lord Saltheril",
 "Skymaster Brightdawn",
 "Sathren Azuredawn",
 "Skymistress Gloaming",
 "Arcanist Vandril",
 "Ranger Valanna",
 "Magistrix Landra Dawnstrider",
 "Courier Dawnstrider",
 "Ranger Lethvalin",
 "Captain Helios",
 "Apothecary Thedra",
 "Apothecary Renzithen",
 "Magister Darenis",
 "Magister Idonis",
 "Rathis Tomber",
 "Deathstalker Rathiel",
 "Geranis Whitemorn",
 "Farstrider Sedina",
 "Dame Auriferous",
 "Ranger Vynna",
 "Dusty Journal",
 "Arcanist Janeda",
 "Magister Sylastor",
 "Magister Kaendris",
 "Master Chef Mouldier",
 "High Executor Mavren",
 "Lady Sylvanas Windrunner",
 "Deathstalker Maltendis",
 "Advisor Valwyn",
 "Apprentice Shatharia",
 "Magister Quallestis",
 "Ranger Lilatha",
 "Wanted Poster: Kel'gash the Wicked",
 "Magistrix Aminel",
 "Ranger Sareyn",
 "Ardeyn Riverwind",
 "Ranger Krenn'an",
 "Apothecary Venustus",
 "Farstrider Solanna",
 "Apprentice Vor'el",
 "Botanist Taerix",
 "Vindicator Aldar",
 "Technician Zhanaa",
 "Technician Dyvuun",
 "Caregiver Chellan",
 "Dying Blood Elf",
 "Lor'themar Theron ",
 "Ranger Captain Venn'ren",
 "\"Screaming\" Screed Luckheed",
 "Foreman Biggums",
 "Marniel Amberlight",
 "Ryathen the Somber",
 "Thiah Redmane",
 "Magistrix Carinda",
 "Wounded Blood Elf Pilgrim",
 "Taleris Dawngazer",
 "Falconer Drenna Riverwind",
 "Gremni Longbeard",
 "Apothecary Azethen",
 "Anchorite Obadei",
 "Sedai's Corpse",
 "Pathstalker Kariel",
 "Ranger Sallina",
 "Arcanist Calesthris Dawnstar",
 "Scout Vanura",
 "Fel Orc Corpse",
 "Far Seer Regulkut",
 "Gorkan Bloodfist",
 "Warlord Dar'toon",
 "Lieutenant General Orion",
 "Rifleman Torrig",
 "Marshal Bluewall",
 "Scout Bloodfist",
 "General Kirika",
 "Mirren Longbeard",
 "Amaan the Wise",
 "Nemeth Hawkeye",
 "Balandar Brightstar",
 "Exarch Menelaous",
 "Anchorite Fateema",
 "Force Commander Danath Trollbane",
 "Field Commander Romus",
 "Magus Zabraxis",
 "Shadow Hunter Ty'jin",
 "Martik Tor'seldori",
 "Admiral Odesyus",
 "\"Cookie\" McWeaksauce",
 "Priestess Kyleen Il'dinare",
 "Archaeologist Adamant Ironheart",
 "Cryptographer Aurren",
 "Totem of Akida",
 "Totem of Coo",
 "Totem of Tikti",
 "Totem of Yor",
 "Totem of Vark",
 "Arugoo of the Stillpine",
 "Clopper Wizbang",
 "Battered Ancient Book",
 "Anchorite Paetheus",
 "Sid Limbardi",
 "High Chief Stillpine",
 "Mound of Dirt",
 "Blood Crystal",
 "Vindicator Aalesia",
 "Kurz the Revelator",
 "Stone Guard Stok'ton",
 "Stillpine the Younger",
 "Lieutenant Chadwick",
 "Galaen's Corpse",
 "Tracker Lyceon",
 "Harbinger Mikolaas",
 "Draenei Cartographer",
 "Torallius the Pack Handler",
 "Vorkhan the Elekk Herder",
 "Archmage Alturus",
 "Kalynna Lathred",
 "Huntress Kella Nightbow",
 "Mack Diver",
 "K. Lee Smallfry",
 "Vindicator Boros",
 "Jessera of Mac'Aree",
 "Princess Stillpine",
 "Stillpine Ambassador Frasaboo",
 "Exarch Admetius",
 "Researcher Cornelius",
 "Captain Edward Hanes",
 "Jesthenis Sunstriker",
 "Prince Toreth",
 "Interrogator Elysia",
 "Lethyn Moonfire",
 "Watcher Leesa'oh",
 "Prophet Velen",
 "Vindicator Kuros",
 "Slain Outrunner",
 "Galaen's Journal",
 "Ysiel Windsinger",
 "Amythiel Mistwalker",
 "Warden Hamoot",
 "Watcher Jhang",
 "Vindicator Aesom",
 "Scout Loryi",
 "Kayra Longmane",
 "Demolitionist Legoso",
 "Vindicator Corin",
 "Scout Jyoba",
 "Shadow Hunter Denjai",
 "Anchorite Ahuurn",
 "Vindicator Idaar",
 "Windcaller Blackhoof",
 "Hemet Nesingwary",
 "Timothy Daniels",
 "Kialon Nightblade",
 "Messenger Gazgrigg",
 "Captain Kroghan",
 "Apprentice Vishael",
 "Elementalist Lo'ap",
 "Lauranna Thar'well",
 "Witch Doctor Tor'gash",
 "Elementalist Untrag",
 "Archmage Cedric",
 "Seer Janidi",
 "Shado 'Fitz' Farstrider",
 "Harold Lane",
 "Elementalist Morgh",
 "Farseer Kurkush",
 "Farseer Corhuk",
 "Saurfang the Younger",
 "Farseer Margadesh",
 "Mag'har Captive",
 "Elementalist Ioki",
 "Elementalist Sharvak",
 "Elementalist Yal'hah",
 "Otonbu the Sage",
 "Poli'lukluk the Wiser",
 "Kurenai Captive",
 "Jorin Deadeye",
 "Unkor the Ruthless",
 "Prospector Conall",
 "Kristen Dipswitch",
 "Elkay'gan the Mystic",
 "Consortium Recruiter",
 "Huntress Bintook",
 "Mo'mor the Breaker",
 "Lantresor of the Blade",
 "Garadar Bulletin Board",
 "Warden Bullrok",
 "Telaar Bulletin Board",
 "Warden Moi'bff Jill",
 "Matron Drakia",
 "Elder Yorley",
 "Elder Ungriz",
 "Warden Treelos",
 "Huntress Kima",
 "Earthbinder Tavgren",
 "Jenai Starwhisper",
 "Wodin the Troll-Servant",
 "Wind Trader Lathrai",
 "Altruis the Sufferer",
 "Matron Celestine",
 "Lieutenant Meridian",
 "Sergeant Chawni",
 "Theloria Shadecloak",
 "Shadowstalker Kaide",
 "Fel Orc Plans",
 "Arcanist Adyria",
 "Ramdor the Mad",
 "Taela Everstride",
 "Mawg Grimshot",
 "Lieutenant Gravelhammer",
 "Private Weeks",
 "Advisor Faila",
 "Scout Neftis",
 "Greatmother Geyah",
 "Warp-Scryer Kryv",
 "Honor Guard Wesilow",
 "Isla Starmane",
 "Captain Auric Sunchaser",
 "Father Malgor Devidicus",
 "Prospector Nachlan",
 "Scout Jorli",
 "Defender Sorli",
 "Chief Researcher Amereldine",
 "Chief Researcher Kartos",
 "Mother Kashur",
 "Megzeg Nukklebust",
 "Spymistress Mehlisah Highcrown",
 "Field Commander Mahfuun",
 "Warrant Officer Tracy Proudwell",
 "Battlecryer Blackeye",
 "\"Shotgun\" Jones",
 "Ohlorn Farstrider",
 "Watch Commander Relthorn Netherwane",
 "Commander Duron",
 "Vlagga Freyfeather",
 "Sergeant Shatterskull",
 "Forward Commander To'arch",
 "Amish Wildhammer",
 "Marshal Isildor",
 "Sergeant Altumus",
 "Forward Commander Kingston",
 "Mahuram Stouthoof",
 "Lieutenant Amadi",
 "Wing Commander Gryphongar",
 "Greatfather Aldrimus",
 "Nexus-Prince Haramad",
 "Whitebark's Spirit",
 "Image of Archmage Vargoth",
 "Archmage Vargoth",
 "Spy Grik'tha",
 "Custodian Dieworth",
 "Netherologist Coppernickels",
 "Rocket-Chief Fuselage",
 "Spymaster Thalodien",
 "Bot-Specialist Alley",
 "Maxx A. Million Mk. V",
 "Caledis Brightdawn",
 "Magistrix Larynna",
 "Magister Theledorn",
 "Lead Sapper Blastfizzle",
 "Nether-Stalker Khay'ji",
 "Papa Wheeler",
 "Haggard War Veteran",
 "Artificer Morphalius",
 "Emissary Mordiba",
 "Chief Engineer Trep",
 "Althen the Historian",
 "\"Dirty\" Larry",
 "Lieutenant-Sorcerer Morran",
 "Mama Wheeler",
 "Foreman Razelcraz",
 "Exarch Orelis",
 "Apothecary Zelana",
 "Apothecary Albreck",
 "Anchorite Karja",
 "B'naar Control Console",
 "Doctor Vomisa, Ph.T.",
 "Nitrin the Learned",
 "Commander Hogarth",
 "Image of Nexus-Prince Haramad",
 "Dealer Hazzin",
 "Wind Trader Marid",
 "Image of Wind Trader Marid",
 "Shrouded Figure",
 "Wind Trader Tuluman",
 "Ogath the Mad",
 "Steward of Time",
 "Magister Aledis",
 "General Krakork",
 "Zuben Elgenubi",
 "N. D. Meancamp",
 "Necromantic Focus",
 "Nether-Stalker Oazul",
 "Foreman Sundown",
 "Adyen the Lightwarden",
 "Apprentice Andrethan",
 "Nether-Stalker Nauthis",
 "Commander Ameer",
 "Image of Commander Ameer",
 "Runetog Wildhammer",
 "Agent Araxes",
 "Gryphoneer Windbellow",
 "Wing Commander Brack",
 "Earthbinder Galandria Nightbreeze",
 "Agent Ya-six",
 "Field Marshal Brock",
 "Magister Bloodhawk",
 "Akoru the Firecaller",
 "Researcher Navuud",
 "Magistrix Fyalenn",
 "Voren'thal the Seer",
 "Flesh Handler Viridius",
 "Captured Protectorate Vanguard",
 "Aurine Moonblaze",
 "Shauly Pore",
 "Audi the Needle",
 "Professor Dabiri",
 "Vurtok Axebreaker",
 "Earthmender Wilda",
 "Earthmender Torlok",
 "Rina Moonspring",
 "Corporal Ironridge",
 "Tor'chunk Twoclaws",
 "Commander Skyshadow",
 "Bronwyn Stouthammer",
 "Borgrim Stouthammer",
 "Oronok Torn-heart",
 "Vindicator Vuuleen",
 "Grom'tor, Son of Oronok",
 "Rokgah Bloodgrip",
 "Ar'tor, Son of Oronok",
 "Spirit of Ar'tor",
 "T'chali the Witch Doctor",
 "Borak, Son of Oronok",
 "Tobias the Filth Gorger",
 "Lashh'an Tome",
 "Tally Zapnabber",
 "Wing Commander Nuainn",
 "Anchorite Ceyla",
 "Gryphonrider Kieran",
 "Stormer Ewan Wildwing",
 "Exarch Onaala",
 "Nickwinkle the Metro-Gnome",
 "Blood Guard Gulmok",
 "Scout Zagran",
 "Fizit \"Doc\" Clocktock",
 "Vindicator Aluumen",
 "Dizzy Dina",
 "Ordinn Thunderfist",
 "Grokom Deatheye",
 "Chief Apothecary Hildagard",
 "Razak Ironsides",
 "Ancient Shadowmoon Spirit",
 "Zorus the Judicator",
 "Warcaller Sardon Truslice",
 "Warcaller Beersnout",
 "Researcher Tiorus",
 "David Wayne",
 "Earthmender Sophurus",
 "Earthmender Splinthoof",
 "Tree Warden Chawn",
 "Arcanist Thelis",
 "Larissa Sunstrike",
 "Overlord Or'barokh",
 "Thane Yoregar",
 "O'Mally Zapnabber",
 "Baron Sablemane",
 "Samia Inkling",
 "Garm Wolfbrother",
 "Watcher Moonshade",
 "Archmage Leryda",
 "Kurdran Wildhammer",
 "Kor'kron Wind Rider",
 "Sergeant Kargrul",
 "Mosswood the Ancient",
 "Wildhammer Gryphon Rider",
 "Crystal Prison",
 "Captain Darkhowl",
 "Commander Haephus Stonewall",
 "Lieutenant Fairweather",
 "Varen the Reclaimer",
 "Wildlord Antelarion",
 "Legion Communicator",
 "Battlemage Vyara",
 "Harbinger Saronen",
 "Apothecary Antonivich",
 "Kirrik the Awakened",
 "High Priest Orglum",
 "Rilak the Redeemed",
 "Spiritcaller Dohgar",
 "Matron Varah",
 "Lady Dena Kennedy",
 "Scout Navrin",
 "Defender Grashna",
 "Wing Commander Dabir'ee",
 "Assistant Klatu",
 "Evergrove Druid",
 "Alchemist Gribble",
 "Commander Ra'vaj",
 "Vindicator Haylen",
 "Chief Archaeologist Letoll",
 "Sentinel Moonwhisper",
 "Grunt Grahk",
 "Orphan Matron Mercy",
 "Blood Elf Orphan",
 "Draenei Orphan",
 "Protectorate Advisor Rahim",
 "Mog'dorg the Wizened",
 "Sky Commander Adaris",
 "Sky Sergeant Doryn",
 "Sky Sergeant Vanderlip",
 "Overlord Mor'ghor",
 "Taskmaster Varkule Dragonbreath",
 "Yarzill the Merc",
 "Old Orok",
 "Seer Nakha",
 "Vindicator Aeus",
 "Arcanist Raestan",
 "Bossi Pentapiston",
 "Seer Jovar",
 "Rip Pedalslam",
 "Brunn Flamebeard",
 "Dama Wildmane",
 "Chief Overseer Mudlump",
 "Sky Commander Keller",
 "Murg \"Oldie\" Muckjaw",
 "Ja'y Nosliw",
 "Skyguard Khatie",
 "Trope the Filth-Belcher",
 "Corlok the Vet",
 "Wing Commander Ichman",
 "Wing Commander Mulverick",
 "Captain Skyshatter",
 "Mistress of the Mines",
 "Dragonmaw Foreman",
 "Ronag the Slave Driver",
 "Skyguard Prisoner",
 "Illidari Lord Balthas",
 "Skyguard Handler Deesak",
 "Commander Hobb",
 "Commander Arcus",
 "Aether-tech Apprentice",
 "Ahab Wheathoof",
 "Budd Nedreck",
 "Bombardier Petrov",
 "Engineer Feknut",
 "Chef Kettleblack",
 "Captain Adams",
 "Apothecary Lysander",
 "Old Man Stonemantle",
 "Overseer Irena Stonemantle",
 "Steel Gate Chief Archaeologist",
 "Ember Clutch Ancient",
 "Mage-Lieutenant Malister",
 "Cannoneer Ely",
 "Scout Knowles",
 "Moxie Steelgrille",
 "Drazzit Dripvalve",
 "Guard Byron",
 "Apprentice Tasserel",
 "Sapper Steelring",
 "High Executor Anselm",
 "Explorer Abigail",
 "Vice Admiral Keller",
 "Captain Harker",
 "Father Levariol",
 "Dark Ranger Lyana",
 "Apothecary Hanes",
 "Westguard Sergeant",
 "Scout Valory",
 "Defender Mordun",
 "Dragonskin Scroll",
 "Chieftain Ashtotem",
 "Winterhoof Brave",
 "Greatmother Ankha",
 "Dark Ranger Marrah",
 "Celea Frozenmane",
 "Gil Grisert",
 "Ahota Whitefrost",
 "Beltrand McSorf",
 "Pulroy the Archaeologist",
 "Nokoma Snowseer",
 "Plaguebringer Tillinghast",
 "Sergeant Gorth",
 "Foreman Colbey",
 "Sage Mistwalker",
 "Ares the Oathbound",
 "Lord Irulon Trueblade",
 "Trapper Jethan",
 "Longrunner Skycloud",
 "Junat the Wanderer",
 "Apothecary Malthus",
 "Apothecary Grick",
 "Lieutenant Maeve",
 "Chief Plaguebringer Harris",
 "\"Hacksaw\" Jenny",
 "Wind Tamer Kagan",
 "Watcher Moonleaf",
 "Peppy Wrongnozzle",
 "Christopher Sloan",
 "Thoralius the Wise",
 "Prospector Belvar",
 "Longrunner Pembe",
 "Wind Trader Zhareem",
 "Researcher Aderan",
 "Nether-Stalker Mah'duun",
 "Sage Edan",
 "The Rokk",
 "Explorer Jaren",
 "Apothecary Anastasia",
 "Quartermaster Brevin",
 "Cormath the Courier",
 "Guard Captain Zorek",
 "Lieutenant Icehammer",
 "Old Icefin",
 "Scribe Seguine",
 "Handsome Terry",
 "Harold Lagras",
 "Caylee Dak",
 "Elder Atuik",
 "Scuttle Frostprow",
 "Annie Bonn",
 "Exarch Larethor",
 "Dathris Sunstriker",
 "Orfus of Kamagua",
 "Exorcist Sullivan",
 "Exorcist Vaisha",
 "Grezzix Spindlesnap",
 "\"Silvermoon\" Harry",
 "Exarch Nasuun",
 "Magistrix Seyla",
 "Captain Ellis",
 "Captain Theris Dawnhearth",
 "Vindicator Xayann",
 "Battlemage Arynna",
 "Tradesman Portanuus",
 "Smith Hauthaa",
 "Harbinger Inuuro",
 "Magister Ilastar",
 "Captain Valindria",
 "Vindicator Kaalan",
 "Astromancer Darnarian",
 "Anchorite Ayuri",
 "Anchorite Kairthos",
 "King Mrgl-Mrgl",
 "Cleaver Bmurglbrm",
 "Librarian Donathan",
 "Librarian Garren",
 "Warsong Recruitment Officer",
 "Overlord Bor'gorok",
 "Grunt Ragefist",
 "Longrunner Proudhoof",
 "High Overlord Saurfang",
 "Overlord Razgor",
 "William Allerton",
 "James Deacon",
 "Old Man Colburn",
 "Private Brau",
 "Elder Atkanok",
 "Quartermaster Holgoth",
 "Foreman Mortuus",
 "Shadowstalker Barthus",
 "Shadowstalker Luther",
 "Shadowstalker Ickoris",
 "Spirit Talker Snarlfang",
 "Chieftain Wintergale",
 "Wind Master To'bor",
 "Farseer Grimwalker's Spirit",
 "Gorge the Corpsegrinder",
 "Durm Icehide",
 "Crafty Wobblesprocket",
 "Librarian Normantis",
 "Sage Aeire",
 "Snow Tracker Grumm",
 "Waltor of Pal'ea",
 "Master Fire Eater",
 "Snow Tracker Junek",
 "Mootoo the Younger",
 "Elder Mootoo",
 "Old Man Barlo",
 "Recruitment Officer Blythe",
 "General Arlos",
 "Bonker Togglevolt",
 "Fizzcrank Fullthrottle",
 "Greatmother Taiga",
 "Sage Highmesa",
 "Shadowstalker Canarius",
 "Longrunner Bristlehorn",
 "Warmage Anzim",
 "Archmage Evanor",
 "Greatfather Mahan",
 "Wind Tamer Barah",
 "Farmer Torp",
 "Mordle Cogspinner",
 "Bixie Wrenchshanker",
 "Tinky Wickwhistle",
 "Supply Master Taz'ishi",
 "Shadowstalker Getry",
 "Airman Skyhopper",
 "Jinky Wingnut",
 "Warden Nork Bloodfrenzy",
 "Scout Tungok",
 "Abner Fizzletorque",
 "Bloodmage Laurith",
 "Primal Mighthorn",
 "Massive Glowing Egg",
 "Iggy \"Tailspin\" Cogtoggle",
 "Sergeant Hammerhill",
 "Archmage Berinand",
 "Medic Hawthorn",
 "Cultist Shrine",
 "Captain \"Lefty\" Lugsail",
 "Admiral Cantlebree",
 "Harbinger Vurenn",
 "Vindicator Yaala",
 "Arch Druid Lathorius",
 "Hierophant Cenius",
 "Hierophant Liandra",
 "Emissary Mordin",
 "Lord Torvos",
 "Khu'nok the Behemoth",
 "Harbinger Haronem",
 "Fezzix Geartwist",
 "Fire Eater",
 "Killinger the Den Watcher",
 "Earthen Ring Elder",
 "Crashed Recon Pilot",
 "Ambassador Talonga",
 "Sage Earth and Sky",
 "Earthen Ring Guide",
 "Dorain Frosthoof",
 "Gerald Green",
 "Plagued Grain",
 "Iron Eyes",
 "Jeremiah Hawning",
 "Librarian Serrah",
 "Wendy Darren",
 "Flame Eater",
 "Master Flame Eater",
 "Mark Hanes",
 "Mother Tauranook",
 "Wartook Iceborn",
 "Corporal Venn",
 "Elder Muahit",
 "Elder Ko'nani",
 "Trapper Mau'i",
 "Hilda Stoneforge",
 "Festival Loremaster",
 "Festival Talespinner",
 "Human Commoner",
 "Orc Commoner",
 "Emissary Brighthoof",
 "Senior Sergeant Juktok",
 "Blood Guard Roh'kill",
 "Fallen Earthen Warrior",
 "Battered Journal",
 "Torthen Deepdig",
 "Image of Drakuru",
 "Emissary Skyhaven",
 "Image of Archmage Modera",
 "Envoy Ripfang",
 "Image of Archmage Aethas Sunreaver",
 "Captain Gryan Stoutmantle",
 "Brugar Stoneshear",
 "Ethenial Moonshadow",
 "Overlord Agmar",
 "Surveyor Orlond",
 "Wrecked Crab Trap",
 "Sage Paluna",
 "Squire Walter",
 "Toalu'u the Mystic",
 "Mack Fearsen",
 "Elder Mana'loa",
 "Messenger Torvus",
 "Borus Ironbender",
 "Kilix the Unraveler",
 "Heart of the Ancients",
 "Captain Gort",
 "Greatmother Icemist",
 "Banthok Icemist",
 "Commander Saia Azuresteel",
 "Valnok Windrager",
 "Scout Vor'takh",
 "Ko'char the Unbreakable",
 "Harrison Jones",
 "Earthwarden Grife",
 "Mage-Commander Evenstar",
 "Soar Hawkfury",
 "Doctor Sintar Malefious",
 "Lieutenant Dumont",
 "Koltira Deathweaver",
 "Alexstrasza the Life-Binder",
 "Raegar Breakbrow",
 "Counselor Talbot",
 "Private Casey",
 "Courier Lanson",
 "Private Arun",
 "Ruuna the Blind",
 "Tormak the Scarred",
 "Prospector Rokar",
 "Warden Jodi Moonsong ",
 "Raider Captain Kronn",
 "Palena Silvercloud",
 "High Commander Halford Wyrmbane",
 "Hidetrader Jun'ik",
 "Conqueror Krenna",
 "Mountaineer Kilian",
 "Tobias Sarkhoff",
 "Chief Plaguebringer Middleton",
 "High Executor Wroth",
 "Apothecary Vicky Levine",
 "Windseer Grayhorn",
 "Sergeant Thurkin",
 "Quartermaster Bartlett",
 "Master Woodsman Anderhol",
 "Hansel Bauer",
 "Hierophant Thayreen",
 "Woodsman Drake",
 "Deathguard Molder",
 "Spy Mistress Repine",
 "Gryphon Commander Urik",
 "Agent Skully",
 "Sergeant Nazgrim",
 "Commander Lynore Windstryke",
 "Highlord Leoric Von Zeldig",
 "Siege Engineer Quarterflash",
 "Slinkin the Demo-gnome",
 "Hugh Glass",
 "Zelig the Visionary",
 "Commander Bargok",
 "Orik Trueheart",
 "Sergeant Hartsman",
 "Envoy Ducal",
 "Greer Orehammer",
 "Captured Trapper",
 "Caged Prisoner",
 "Surveyor Hansen",
 "Cavalier Durkon",
 "Flesh-bound Tome",
 "Baron Freeman",
 "General Khazgar",
 "Lieutenant Stuart",
 "Centurion Kaggrum",
 "Inquisitor Hallard",
 "Sergeant Downey",
 "Stone Guard Ragetotem",
 "Duke August Foehammer",
 "Ambo Cash",
 "Lord Afrasastrasz",
 "Squire Percy",
 "Soulok Stormfury",
 "Grennix Shivwiggle",
 "Bookie Vel'jen",
 "General Gorlok",
 "Provisioner Lorkran",
 "Commander Howser",
 "Vas the Unstable",
 "Rodney Wells",
 "Scout Captain Carter",
 "Nishera the Garden Keeper",
 "Lord Itharius",
 "Lauriel Trueblade",
 "Golluck Rockfist",
 "Yord \"Calamity\" Icebeard",
 "Commander Eligor Dawnbringer",
 "Legion Commander Tyralion",
 "Nozzlerust Supply Runner",
 "Captured Tuskarr Prisoner",
 "Legion Commander Yorik",
 "Highlord Bolvar Fordragon",
 "Ranger Captain Areiel",
 "Sauranok the Mystic",
 "Monte Muzzleshot",
 "Commander Kunz",
 "Captain Brandon",
 "Commander Falstaav",
 "Sergeant Stackhammer",
 "Hexxer Ubungo",
 "Corporal Maga",
 "Captain Rupert",
 "Dr. Rogers",
 "Don Carlos",
 "Darkmoon Fortune Teller",
 "Captain Grondel",
 "Archmage Pentarus",
 "Weslex Quickwrench",
 "Oracle Soo-rahm",
 "Apprentice Pestlepot",
 "Alchemist Finklestein",
 "Tracker Gekgek",
 "High-Shaman Rakjak",
 "Goregek the Gorilla Hunter",
 "Elder Harkek",
 "Zepik the Gorloc Hunter",
 "Injured Rainspeaker Oracle",
 "Tilda Darathan",
 "Crusader Valus",
 "Avatar of Freya",
 "The Etymidian",
 "Buck Cantwell",
 "Sergeant Moonshard",
 "Specialist Cogwheel",
 "Sub-Lieutenant Jax",
 "Longrunner Nanik",
 "High-Oracle Soo-say",
 "Mistcaller Soo-gan",
 "Artruis's Phylactery",
 "The Lich King",
 "Instructor Razuvious",
 "Dorian Drakestalker",
 "Cultist Corpse",
 "Captain Arnath",
 "Witch Doctor Khufu",
 "Scalper Ahunae",
 "Stefan Vadu",
 "Grimbooze Thunderbrew",
 "Chronicler To'kini",
 "Element-Tamer Dagoda",
 "Spirit of Rhunok",
 "Tamara Wobblesprocket",
 "Highlord Darion Mograine",
 "Overlord Drakuru",
 "Quetz'lun's Spirit",
 "Scourge Commander Thalanor",
 "Prince Valanar",
 "Pilot Vic",
 "Orithos the Sky Darkener",
 "Salanar the Horseman",
 "Colvin Norrington",
 "Engineer Helice",
 "Timeworn Coffer",
 "Professor Calvert",
 "Gothik the Harvester",
 "Shaman Jakjek",
 "Oracle Soo-dow",
 "Lightningcaller Soo-met",
 "Prince Keleseth",
 "Noth the Plaguebringer",
 "Plague Cauldron",
 "Baron Rivendare",
 "Orbaz Bloodbane",
 "Oracle Soo-nee",
 "Olrun the Battlecaller",
 "Knight Commander Plaguefist",
 "High General Abbendis",
 "Sergeant Riannah",
 "Archmage Celindra",
 "Magistrix Kaelana",
 "Bloodrose Datura",
 "Magister Teronus III",
 "Korg the Cleaver",
 "Baron Sliver",
 "Lord-Commander Arete",
 "Setaal Darkmender",
 "Uzo Deathcaller",
 "Jeer Sparksocket",
 "Tore Rumblewrench",
 "Injured Goblin Miner",
 "Aurochs Grimbane",
 "Lok'lira the Crone",
 "Gretchen Fizzlespark",
 "Archaeologist Andorin",
 "Chief Rageclaw",
 "Elder Shaman Moky",
 "Rork Sharpchin",
 "Glorthal Stiffbeard",
 "Fjorlin Frostbrow",
 "Inventor's Library Console",
 "Yorg Stormheart",
 "Drom Frostgrip",
 "The Guardian's Charge",
 "Brann Bronzebeard",
 "Olut Alegut",
 "Orders From Drakuru",
 "Crusader Lord Lantinga",
 "Bouldercrag the Rockshaper",
 "Gretta the Arbiter",
 "Prototype Console",
 "Crusader MacKellar",
 "Boktar Bloodfury",
 "Astrid Bjornrittar",
 "Engineer Reed",
 "Mildred the Cruel",
 "Moteha Windborn ",
 "Fjorn's Anvil",
 "Thyra Kvinnshal",
 "Duke Lankral",
 "Iva the Vengeful",
 "Vaelen the Flayed",
 "Harpoon Crate",
 "The Leaper",
 "Timothy Jones",
 "King Jokkum",
 "Velog Icebellow",
 "Hodir's Horn",
 "Bruor Ironbane",
 "Frostworg Denmother",
 "The Bone Witch",
 "Bloodguard Lorga",
 "Lorekeeper Randvir",
 "Hodir's Spear",
 "Hodir's Helm",
 "Crusade Commander Entari",
 "Highlord Tirion Fordring",
 "Chieftain Swiftspear",
 "Crusader Lord Dalfors",
 "Father Gustav",
 "Arngrim the Insatiable",
 "Tracker Val'zij",
 "Bethod Feigr",
 "Crusader Bridenbrad",
 "Siegemaster Fezzik",
 "Keeper Remulos",
 "Bridenbrad's Possessions",
 "Brom Brewbaster",
 "Rollick MacKreel",
 "Thomas Kolichio",
 "Orn Tenderhoof",
 "Chronicler Bah'Kini",
 "Katherine Lee",
 "Orton Bennet",
 "Arille Azuregaze",
 "Ranid Glowergold",
 "The Ebon Watcher",
 "Darkrider Arly",
 "Awilo Lon'gomba",
 "Image of Belgaristrasz",
 "Crusade Architect Silas",
 "Brigg Smallshanks",
 "Crusade Engineer Spitzpatrick",
 "Crusader Olakin Sainrith",
 "Vereth the Cunning",
 "Sorceress Kaylana",
 "Bowyer Randolph",
 "Keritose Bloodblade",
 "Anchorite Tessa",
 "Warden Alturas",
 "Commander Zanneth",
 "Commander Dardosh",
 "Tactical Officer Ahbramis",
 "Tactical Officer Kilrath",
 "Lieutenant Murp",
 "Senior Demolitionist Legoso",
 "Siegesmith Stronghoof",
 "Hoodoo Master Fu'jin",
 "Vieron Blazefeather",
 "Primalist Mulfort",
 "Gjonner the Merciless",
 "Father Kamaros",
 "Absalan the Pious",
 "Warlord Hork Strongbrow",
 "Sky-Reaver Korm Blackscar",
 "Marshal Ivalius",
 "High Captain Justin Bartlett",
 "Brother Keltan",
 "Dying Berserker",
 "Dying Soldier",
 "Matthias Lehner",
 "Chief Engineer Copperclaw",
 "Sergeant Kregga",
 "Saronite Bomb Stack",
 "Pulsing Crystal",
 "Frazzle Geargrinder",
 "Blast Thunderbomb",
 "Skybreaker Squad Leader",
 "Ground Commander Koup",
 "Chief Engineer Boltwrench",
 "Kor'kron Squad Leader",
 "Ground Commander Xutjja",
 "Wrecked Demolisher",
 "Darkspeaker R'khem",
 "Warbringer Davos Rioht",
 "Knight-Captain Drosche",
 "Fringe Engineer Tezzla",
 "Kibli Killohertz",
 "Captain Kendall",
 "Officer Van Rossem",
 "Sky-Reaver Klum",
 "Spring Gatherer",
 "Spring Collector",
 "Forsaken Commoner",
 "Noblegarden Vendor",
 "Noblegarden Merchant",
 "Sentinel Tysha Moonblade",
 "Balthule Shadowstrike",
 "Lieutenant Morra Starbreeze",
 "Alanndarian Nightsong",
 "Kerlonian Evershade",
 "Huntress Sandrya Moonfall",
 "Dentaria Silverglade",
 "Sentinel Lendra",
 "Serendia Oakwhisper",
 "Wizbang Cranktoggle",
 "Buzzbox 413",
 "Ranger Glynda Nal'Shea",
 "Moon Priestess Tharill",
 "Foriel Broadleaf",
 "Elder Brolg",
 "Buzzbox 723",
 "Tharnariun Treetender",
 "Johnathan Staats",
 "Sentinel Selarin",
 "Corvine Moonrise",
 "Gorbold Steelhand",
 "Arya Autumnlight",
 "Cerellean Whiteclaw",
 "Keeper Karithus",
 "Gren Tornfur",
 "Malfurion Stormrage",
 "Elder Brownpaw",
 "Sir Marcus Barlowe",
 "Marshal Jacob Alerius",
 "Sentinel Shyela",
 "Priestess Alinya",
 "Shindrell Swiftfire",
 "Archivum Console",
 "Archaeologist Hollee",
 "Elisa Steelhand",
 "Prospector Doren",
 "Dinah Halfmoon",
 "Evenar Stillwhisper",
 "Orendil Broadleaf",
 "Scout Shalyndria",
 "Moon Priestess Maestra",
 "Liladris Moonriver",
 "Crusader Rhydalla",
 "Pilot Hammerfoot",
 "Captain Rugelfuss",
 "Mountaineer Kadrell",
 "Keeper Heartwise",
 "Raene Wolfrunner",
 "Sentinel Avana",
 "Sentinel Luara",
 "Magmar Fellhew",
 "Marek Ironheart",
 "Magistrate Bluntnose",
 "Stolen Explorers' League Document",
 "Torren Squarejaw",
 "Captain Joseph Holley",
 "Arcanist Taelis",
 "Justicar Mariel Trueheart",
 "Magister Edien Sunhollow",
 "Avareth Swiftstrike",
 "Amariel Sunsworn",
 "Galathia Brightdawn",
 "Eadric the Pure",
 "Anchorite Buurq",
 "Ambrose Boltspark",
 "Jaelyne Evensong",
 "Mokra the Skullcrusher",
 "Runok Wildmane",
 "Deathstalker Visceri",
 "Eressea Dawnsinger",
 "Sentinel Luciel Starwhisper",
 "Lana Stouthammer",
 "Rollo Sureshot",
 "Clara Tumblebrew",
 "Tickin Gearspanner",
 "Flickin Gearspanner",
 "Illestria Bladesinger",
 "Airae Starseeker",
 "Morah Worgsister",
 "Shadow Hunter Mezil-kree",
 "Dern Ragetotem",
 "Anka Clawhoof",
 "Sarah Chalke",
 "Handler Dretch",
 "Kethiel Sunlance",
 "Aneera Thuron",
 "Crok Scourgebane",
 "Cellian Daybreak",
 "Zor'be the Bloodletter",
 "Gaivan Shadewalker",
 "Illyrie Nightfall",
 "Locke Okarr",
 "Prospector Loren",
 "Marcia Chase",
 "Disgusting Workbench",
 "Olisarra the Kind",
 "Mathas Wildwood",
 "Squire Artie",
 "Commander Grimfang",
 "Sentinel Thenysil",
 "Kulg Gorespatter",
 "Overseer Gorthak",
 "Hephaestus Pilgrim",
 "Guardian Menerin",
 "Guardian Gurtar",
 "Vear Darksnout",
 "Sabina Pilgrim",
 "Kathrena Winterwisp",
 "Dagrun Ragehammer",
 "The Vortex",
 "Venomhide Hatchling",
 "Balren of the Claw",
 "Archaeologist Groff",
 "Warlord Wrathspine",
 "Prospector Remtravel",
 "Jr. Archaeologist Ferd",
 "Huntress Jalin",
 "Pelturas Whitemoon",
 "Avrus Illwhisper",
 "Avrus the Redeemed",
 "Orphan Matron Aria",
 "Sentinel Melyria Frostshadow",
 "Oracle Orphan",
 "Wolvar Orphan",
 "Sentinel Kyra Starsong",
 "Darkscale Assassin",
 "Sentinel Velene Starstrike",
 "Faldreas Goeth'Shael",
 "Benjari Edune",
 "Grol'dom Kodo",
 "Una Wolfclaw",
 "Rocco Whipshank",
 "Foreman Jinx",
 "The Bomb",
 "Big Baobob",
 "Gorgal Angerscar",
 "Geargrinder Gizmo",
 "Sassy Hardwrench",
 "Bamm Megabomb",
 "Fizz Lighter",
 "Sister Goldskimmer",
 "Slinky Sharpshiv",
 "Maxx Avalanche",
 "Evol Fingers",
 "Warrior-Matic NX-01",
 "Foreman Dampwick",
 "Night Elf Commoner",
 "Gregory Tabor",
 "Jasper Moore",
 "Edward Winslow",
 "Isaac Allerton",
 "Goblin Commoner",
 "Miles Standish",
 "William Mullins",
 "Tyrande Whisperwind",
 "Francis Eaton",
 "Dokin Farplain",
 "Baron Longshore",
 "Caitrin Ironkettle",
 "Tony Two-Tusk",
 "Ellen Moore",
 "Mary Allerton",
 "Roberta Carter",
 "Mahara Goldwheat",
 "Ondani Greatmill",
 "Bountiful Table Hostess",
 "Bountiful Feast Hostess",
 "Megs Dreadshredder",
 "Narasi Snowdawn",
 "Savinia Loresong",
 "Prince Liam Greymane",
 "Lieutenant Walden",
 "Tylos Dawnrunner",
 "Gwen Armstead",
 "Crusader Silverdawn",
 "High Crusader Adelard",
 "FBoK Bank Teller",
 "Candy Cane",
 "Chip Endale",
 "Trade Prince Gallywix",
 "Ag'tor Bloodfist",
 "Claims Adjuster",
 "Malynea Skyreaver",
 "Labor Captain Grabbit",
 "Girana the Blooded",
 "Linzy Blackbolt",
 "Lord Darius Crowley",
 "King Genn Greymane",
 "Captain Broderick",
 "Josiah Avery",
 "Horzak Zignibble",
 "Ancient Tablets",
 "Headquarters Radio",
 "Weapons Cabinet",
 "Cup of Elune",
 "Ancient Vortex Runestone",
 "Foreman Fisk",
 "Custer Clubnik",
 "Lorna Crowley",
 "Tobias Mistmantle",
 "Elune's Brazier",
 "Elune's Handmaiden",
 "Image of Archmage Xylem",
 "Teresa Spireleaf",
 "Dead Orc Scout",
 "Kilag Gorefang",
 "Scout Brax",
 "Cenarion Embassador Thunk",
 "Smouldering Stone",
 "Will Robotronic",
 "Tharkul Ironskull",
 "Cenarion Researcher Korrah",
 "Bombardier Captain Smooks",
 "Feno Blastnoggin",
 "Torg Twocrush",
 "Quarla Whistlebreak",
 "Sergeant Cleese",
 "Naga Power Stone",
 "Loren the Fence",
 "Vitus Darkwalker",
 "Huntsman Blake",
 "Myriam Spellwaker",
 "Sister Almyra",
 "Celestine of the Harvest",
 "Lord Hydronis",
 "Lord Godfrey",
 "Jellix Fuselighter",
 "Karnum Marshweaver",
 "Thressa Amberglen",
 "Botanist Ferrah",
 "Assistant Greely",
 "Secret Lab Squawkbox",
 "Garren Darkwind",
 "Khan Leh'Prah",
 "Krennan Aranas",
 "Khan Kammah",
 "Crate of Mandrake Essence",
 "Slain Watchman",
 "Twistex Happytongs",
 "Khan Shodo",
 "Broken Relic",
 "Taiga Wisemane",
 "Maurin Bonesplitter",
 "Sorata Firespinner",
 "Nataka Longhorn",
 "Vahlarriel Demonslayer",
 "Captain Pentigast",
 "Corporal Melkins",
 "Melinda Hammond",
 "Hobart Grapplehammer",
 "Officer Jankie",
 "Spirit of Azuregos",
 "Grandma Wahl",
 "Sebastian Hayward",
 "Subject Nine",
 "Andorel Sunsworn",
 "Upper Scrying Stone",
 "Lower Scrying Stone",
 "Haggrum Bloodfist",
 "Ahmo Thunderhorn",
 "Caladis Brightspear",
 "Arcanist Tybalin",
 "Chief Hawkwind",
 "Grull Hawkwind",
 "Adana Thunderhorn",
 "Queen Mia Greymane",
 "Private Worcester",
 "Commander Molotov",
 "Glix Grindlock",
 "Xiz \"The Eye\" Salvoblast",
 "Wrenchmen Recruitment Poster",
 "Captain Desoto",
 "Lieutenant Drex",
 "Sergeant Zelks",
 "Recruiter Burns",
 "Erunak Stonespeaker",
 "Detective Snap Snagglebolt",
 "Tora Halotrix",
 "Captain Tork",
 "Mull Thunderhorn",
 "Zarlman Two-Moons",
 "Una Wildmane",
 "Dyami Windsoar",
 "Neeru Fireblade",
 "Jr. Bombardier Hackel",
 "Christi Stockton",
 "Lorekeeper's Summoning Stone",
 "Sergeant Hort",
 "Uncle Bedlam",
 "Magister Hathorel",
 "Bleenik Fizzlefuse",
 "Joren Ironstock",
 "Sten Stoutarm",
 "Grundel Harkin",
 "Coach Crosscheck",
 "Apprentice Soren",
 "Hands Springsprocket",
 "Milo Geartwinge",
 "Tharek Blackstone",
 "Teo Hammerstorm",
 "Teegli Merrowith",
 "Lady Jaina Proudmoore",
 "Martin Victus",
 "Nura Pathfinder",
 "Tunawa Stillwind",
 "Dark Ranger Vorel",
 "Gorkun Ironskull",
 "Apprentice Nelphi",
 "Makaba Flathoof",
 "Kilrok Gorehammer",
 "Halduron Brightwing",
 "Lane Tallgrass",
 "Kirge Sternhorn",
 "Tatternack Steelforge",
 "Warlord Bloodhilt",
 "Jorn Skyseer",
 "Myralion Sunblaze",
 "Winnoa Pineforest",
 "Warlord Gar'dul",
 "Belrysa Starbreeze",
 "Archmage Lan'dalock",
 "Kwee Q. Peddlefeet",
 "Calder Gray",
 "Vassandra Stormclaw",
 "Public Relations Agent",
 "Gann Stonespire",
 "Inspector Snip Snagglebolt",
 "Marion Sutton",
 "Tauna Skychaser",
 "Magda Whitewall",
 "Weezil Slipshadow",
 "Garl Stormclaw",
 "Ithis Moonwarden",
 "Williden Marshal",
 "Hol'anyee Marshal",
 "Un'Goro Examinant",
 "Nolen Tacker",
 "Spark Nilminer",
 "Maximillian of Northshire",
 "Karna Remtravel",
 "A-Me 01",
 "J.D. Collie",
 "Torwa Pathfinder",
 "Spraggle Frock",
 "Ringo's Sack",
 "Vereesa Windrunner",
 "Archmage Aethas Sunreaver",
 "Dark Ranger Loralen",
 "Junior Inspector",
 "Junior Detective",
 "Brett \"Coins\" McQuid",
 "Commander Walpole",
 "Janice Mattingly",
 "Crate of Foodstuffs",
 "Research Equipment",
 "Zeke Bootscuff",
 "Anchorite Avuun",
 "Dockmaster Lewis",
 "Admiral Aubrey",
 "Narain Soothfancy",
 "Captain Fisher",
 "Cannoneer Smythe",
 "Thomas Paxton",
 "Paxton's Field Cannon",
 "Tolliver Houndstooth",
 "Undertaker Mordo",
 "Caretaker Caice",
 "Novice Elreth",
 "Xavier the Huntsman",
 "Executor Arren",
 "Deathguard Simmer",
 "Sedrick Calston",
 "Apothecary Johaan",
 "Captured Scarlet Zealot",
 "Executor Zygand",
 "Deathguard Dillinger",
 "Magistrate Sevren",
 "Deathguard Linnea",
 "Gretchen Dedmar",
 "Junior Apothecary Holland",
 "Apothecary Jerrod",
 "Captured Mountaineer",
 "Apprentice Crispin",
 "Jeffrey Long",
 "Mangled Body",
 "Corporal Teegan",
 "Coleman Farthing",
 "High Executor Derrington",
 "Lieutenant Sanders",
 "Timothy Cunningham",
 "Apothecary Dithers",
 "Sandscraper's Chest",
 "Examiner Andoren Dawnrise",
 "Hannah Bridgewater",
 "Trenton Lighthammer",
 "Ambassador Gaines",
 "Sam Trawley",
 "General Hawthorne",
 "Kelsey Steelspark",
 "Dr. Dealwell",
 "Katrina Turner",
 "Antediluvean Chest",
 "Commander Roberts",
 "Mizzy Pistonhammer",
 "Logan Talonstrike",
 "Dorn Redearth",
 "General Twinbraid",
 "Deathguard Saltain",
 "Driz Plunkbow",
 "Hurlston Stonesthrow",
 "Marley Twinbraid",
 "Isabel Jones",
 "Dakk Blunderblast",
 "Mine Cart",
 "Canaga Earthcaller",
 "Zureetha Fargaze",
 "Foreman Thazz'ril",
 "Bael'dun Survivor",
 "Marith Lazuria",
 "Wounded Bael'dun Officer",
 "Farseer Gadra",
 "Lar Prowltusk",
 "Gail Nozzywig",
 "Advisor Belgrum",
 "Big Nasty Plunger",
 "Commander Singleton",
 "Grandmatron Tekla",
 "Nibb Spindlegear",
 "Horton Gimbleheart",
 "Misha Tor'kren",
 "Orgnil Soulscar",
 "Gor the Enforcer",
 "Platform Control Panel",
 "Shin Stonepillar",
 "Orhan Ogreblade",
 "Konu Runetotem",
 "Mountaineer Grugelm",
 "Felora Firewreath",
 "The Great Sambino",
 "Earthmender Duarn",
 "Caretaker Movra",
 "Toshe Chaosrender",
 "Condenna the Pitiless",
 "Jadi Falaryn",
 "Watcher Dodds",
 "Oomla Whitehorn",
 "Kor'kron Loyalist",
 "Ian Duran",
 "Takrik Ragehowl",
 "Elementalist Ortell",
 "Instructor Mylva",
 "Nato Raintree",
 "Alto Stonespire",
 "Instructor Devoran",
 "Outhouse Hideout",
 "Rio Duran",
 "Twilight Cauldron",
 "Royce Duskwhisper",
 "Eye of Twilight",
 "The Twilight Apocrypha",
 "Shandris Feathermoon",
 "Commander Jarod Shadowsong",
 "Emissary Windsong",
 "Scout Larandia",
 "Captain Saynna Stormrunner",
 "Kristoff Manheim",
 "Instructor Cargall",
 "Spirit of Farseer Gadra",
 "Witch Doctor Uzer'i",
 "Talo Thornhoof",
 "Chief Spirithorn",
 "Vestia Moonspear",
 "Lost Apprentice",
 "Jawn Highmesa",
 "Kanati Greycloud",
 "Captain Taylor",
 "Krueg Skullsplitter",
 "Hadoken Swiftstrider",
 "Woodpaw Battle Map",
 "Tholo Whitehoof",
 "Moanah Stormhoof",
 "Arch Druid Hamuul Runetotem",
 "Sunken Horde Chest",
 "Laina Nightsky",
 "Sunken Crate",
 "Telaron Windflight",
 "Mountaineer Rharen",
 "Tyrus Blackhorn",
 "Handler Tessina",
 "Subjugated Inferno Lord",
 "Prospector Gunstan",
 "Windspeaker Tamila",
 "Erina Willowborn",
 "Pratt McGrubben",
 "Jangdor Swiftstrider",
 "Anren Shadowseeker",
 "Keeper Taldros",
 "Zorbin Fandazzle",
 "Half-buried Footlocker",
 "Handler Jesana",
 "Homing Robot OOX-22/FE",
 "Caryssia Moonhunter",
 "Falfindel Waywarder",
 "Motega Firemane",
 "Fizzle Brassbolts",
 "Rayne Feathersong",
 "Sandy Mound",
 "Jinky Twizzlefixxit",
 "Rizzle Brassbolts",
 "Gus Rustflutter",
 "Farden Talonshrike",
 "Submerged Outhouse",
 "Wavespeaker Valoren",
 "Divemaster Birmingham",
 "Engineer Hexascrub",
 "Mazoga's Spirit",
 "Jordan Olafson",
 "Yargra Blackscar",
 "Admiral Dvorek",
 "Levia Dreamwaker",
 "Enormous Skull",
 "Drag Master Miglen",
 "Wizzle Brassbolts",
 "Legionnaire Nazgrim",
 "Captain Vilethorn",
 "Fiasco Sizzlegrin",
 "Wavespeaker Tulra",
 "Captain Samir",
 "Professor Xakxak Gyromate",
 "Gnombus the X-Terminator",
 "Kalen Trueshot",
 "Sentinel Heliana",
 "Fathom-Stalker Azjentus",
 "Lady Naz'jar",
 "Fathom-Lord Zin'jatar",
 "Broken Bottle",
 "Boog the \"Gear Whisperer\"",
 "Sage Palerunner",
 "Empty Pedestal",
 "Pure Twilight Egg",
 "Lord Fallowmere",
 "Thisalee Crow",
 "Sira'kess Tide Priestess",
 "Spirit of Tony Two-Tusk",
 "Ajamon Ghostcaller",
 "Huntress Illiona",
 "Mysterious Winged Spirit",
 "Quartermaster Glynna",
 "Master Aitokk",
 "Rofilian Dane",
 "Bloodmage Lynnore",
 "Loramus Thalipedes",
 "Watcher Wazzik",
 "Bloodmage Drazial",
 "Rohan Sunveil",
 "Enohar Thunderbrew",
 "Quartermaster Lungertz",
 "Leyan Steelson",
 "Buttonwillow McKittrick",
 "Watcher Mahar Ba",
 "Elijah Dawnflight",
 "Forba Slabchisel",
 "Surveyor Thurdan",
 "Dunlor Marblebeard",
 "Ol' Irongoat",
 "Northwatch Captain Kosak",
 "Skylord Omnuron",
 "Alithia Fallowmere",
 "Crazzle Sprysprocket",
 "Skycaller Vrakthris",
 "Codex of Shadows",
 "Force Commander Valen",
 "Arcanist Valdurian",
 "Neophyte Starcrest",
 "Scout Commander Barus",
 "Kum'isha the Collector",
 "Captain Stoutfist",
 "Khan Ablinh",
 "Khan Blizh",
 "Steeltoe McGee",
 "Karl Boran",
 "Damaged Crate",
 "Sealed Barrel",
 "Half-buried Barrel",
 "Lieutenant Paulson",
 "Corporal Wocard",
 "Morthis Whisperwing",
 "Private Pollard",
 "First Mate Fitzsimmons",
 "First Mate Snellig",
 "Intrepid's Locked Strongbox",
 "Derina Rumdnul",
 "Vision of Ysera",
 "Thalia Amberhide",
 "Delber Cranktoggle",
 "Slamp Wobblecog",
 "Ton Windbow",
 "Grundig Darkcloud",
 "Prospector Whelgar",
 "Ormer Ironbraid",
 "Merrin Rockweaver",
 "Fradd Swiftgear",
 "James Halloran",
 "Lady Sira'kess",
 "Executioner Verathress",
 "Naz'jar Honor Guard",
 "Crucible of Nazsharin",
 "Shilah Slabchisel",
 "Brienna Starglow",
 "Rau Cliffrunner",
 "\"Goblin\" Pump Controller",
 "Scout Mistress Yvonia",
 "Master Thal'darah",
 "Captain Irontree",
 "Sergeant Flinthammer",
 "Naga Tridents",
 "Rendel Firetongue",
 "Jorlan Trueblade",
 "Veron Amberstill",
 "Garunda Mountainpeak",
 "Elder Sareth'na",
 "Sentinel Mistress Geleneth",
 "Commander Thorak",
 "Hierophant Malyk",
 "Rethiel the Greenwarden",
 "Salsbury the \"Help\"",
 "Houndmaster Jonathan",
 "Prospector Drugan",
 "Ferilon Leafborn",
 "Blood Guard Aldo Rockrain",
 "Alliance S.E.A.L. Equipment",
 "Lieutenant \"Foxy\" Topper",
 "Elendri Goldenbrow",
 "Broken Prong",
 "Bloodguard Toldrek",
 "Sergeant Gertrude",
 "Sergeant Bahrum",
 "Khurgorn Singefeather",
 "Tiala Whitemane",
 "Commander Stonebreaker",
 "Blastgineer Fuzzwhistle",
 "Overlord Krom'gar",
 "Spy-Mistress Anara",
 "Captain Glovaal",
 "Chief Blastgineer Bombgutz",
 "Dark Ranger Alina",
 "Galen Trollbane",
 "Wanted Board",
 "Captain Nials",
 "Deathstalker Maudria",
 "Apprentice Kryten",
 "Shards of Myzrael",
 "Iridescent Shards",
 "Stone of Inner Binding",
 "Sergeant Dontrag",
 "Scout Utvoch",
 "Blastgineer Igore",
 "Professor Phizzlethorpe",
 "Doctor Draxlegauge",
 "Shakes O'Breen",
 "General Marcus Jonathan",
 "Captain Steelgut",
 "Witch Doctor Jin'Zil",
 "Darn Talongrip",
 "Subjugator Devo",
 "Jibbly Rakit",
 "General Grebo",
 "Lolo the Lookout",
 "Captain \"Jewels\" Verne",
 "High Chieftain Cliffwalker",
 "Orthus Cliffwalker",
 "Masha Cliffwalker",
 "Moira Thaurissan",
 "Commander Amaren",
 "Huntress Iczelia",
 "Thargas Anvilmar",
 "Mountaineer Cobbleflint",
 "Mountaineer Wallbang",
 "Robby Flay",
 "Kasim Sharim",
 "Watcher Grimeo",
 "Mayor Charlton Connisport",
 "Cenarion Observer Shayana",
 "Maur Raincaller",
 "Longbraid the Grim",
 "Nevin Twistwrench",
 "Bipsi Frostflinger",
 "\"Doc\" Cogspin",
 "Alamar Grimm",
 "Drill Sergeant Steamcrank",
 "Engineer Grindspark",
 "High Tinker Mekkatorque",
 "Katoom the Angler",
 "Two-Shoed Lou",
 "Huntsman Markhor",
 "Jimb \"Candles\" McHannigan",
 "Mama Celeste",
 "Farmer Saldean",
 "Elder Torntusk",
 "Mystic Yayo'jin",
 "Salma Saldean",
 "Seer Kormo",
 "Maruut Stonebinder",
 "Captain's Log",
 "Stormcaller Mylra",
 "First Mate Moody",
 "Forgemaster's Log",
 "Tock Sprysprocket",
 "Corporal Fizzwhistle",
 "Hope Saldean",
 "Commander Aggro'gosh",
 "Malcom Fendelson",
 "Jessup McCree",
 "Marshal Gryan Stoutmantle",
 "Captain Danuvin",
 "Agent Kearnen",
 "Captain Alpert",
 "Foreman Glibbs",
 "Bubbling Cauldron",
 "Primal Torntusk",
 "Eliza Darkgrin",
 "Earthcaller Torunscar",
 "Earthmender Norsala",
 "Captain Tread Sparknozzle",
 "Far Seer Mok'thardin",
 "Lashtail Hatchling",
 "Warlord Krogg",
 "Diamant the Patient",
 "Hinkles Fastblast",
 "Bloodlord Mandokir",
 "Foebreaker Blueprints",
 "Jarvi Shadowstep",
 "Captain Grayson",
 "Priestess Hu'rala",
 "Captain's Footlocker",
 "Broken Barrel",
 "Old Jug",
 "Locked Chest",
 "Captain Krazz",
 "Watch Captain Parker",
 "Scout Galiaan",
 "Quartz Stonetender",
 "Ciara Deepstone",
 "Innkeeper Belm",
 "Darkcleric Marnal",
 "Apothecary Surlis",
 "Sentinel Cordressa Briarbow",
 "Genn Greymane",
 "Friz Groundspin",
 "Admiral Stonefist",
 "Milly Osworth",
 "Bartlett the Brave",
 "Osric Strang",
 "Dungar Longdrink",
 "Skeezy Whillzap",
 "Earthcaller Yevaa",
 "Initiate Goldmine",
 "Catherine Leland",
 "Deathstalker Lookout",
 "Genavie Callow",
 "Drum Fel",
 "Flem Gizzix",
 "Garley Lightrider",
 "Kor the Immovable",
 "Vindicator Vedaar",
 "Stone Guard Towhide",
 "Vindicator Palanaar",
 "Architect Nemos",
 "Kayneth Stillwind",
 "Sentinel Farsong",
 "Kerr Ironsight",
 "Teronis' Corpse",
 "Crag Rockcrusher",
 "Dron Blastbrew",
 "Mixmaster Jasper",
 "Doran Steelwing",
 "Earthbreaker Dolomite",
 "Gravel Longslab",
 "Clay Mudaxle",
 "Magistrate Solomon",
 "Darcy Parker",
 "Martie Jainrose",
 "Bailiff Conacher",
 "Marshal Marris",
 "Fraggar Thundermantle",
 "Ettin Control Orb",
 "Gilda Cloudcaller",
 "Wildhammer Lookout",
 "Gryphon Master Talonaxe",
 "Hero's Call Board",
 "Colonel Troteman",
 "John J. Keeshan",
 "Foreman Oslow",
 "Gorsik the Tumultuous",
 "Windspeaker Lorvarius",
 "Earthmender Deepvein",
 "\"Sea Wolf\" MacKinley",
 "\"Shaky\" Phillipe",
 "Corporal Jeyne",
 "Fin Fizracket",
 "Captain Hecklebury Smotts",
 "Half-Buried Bottle",
 "Princess Poobah",
 "First Mate Crazz",
 "Bloodsail Correspondence",
 "Baron Revilgaz",
 "Dizzy One-Eye",
 "Fleet Master Seahorn",
 "Commander Althea Ebonlocke",
 "Chef Grual",
 "Yancey Grillsen",
 "Captain Keelhaul",
 "Peak Grindstone",
 "Pyrium Lodestone",
 "Garr Salthoof",
 "\"Pretty Boy\" Duncan",
 "Gotura Fourwinds",
 "Fleet Master Firallon",
 "\"Dead-Eye\" Drederick McGumm",
 "Captain Stillwater's Charts",
 "Madame Eva",
 "Blind Mary",
 "Tavernkeep Smitts",
 "Clerk Daltry",
 "Barrel of Doublerum",
 "Lord Ello Ebonlocke",
 "Viktori Prism'Antras",
 "Captain Garran Vimes",
 "Jonathan Carevin",
 "Calia Hastings",
 "Apprentice Fess",
 "Pyrite Stonetender",
 "Oliver Harris",
 "Lightforged Arch",
 "Lightforged Crest",
 "Sven Yorgen",
 "Sister Elsington",
 "Lightforged Rod",
 "Emerine Junis",
 "Brother Nimetz",
 "Lieutenant Doren",
 "Corporal Sethman",
 "Corporal Kaleb",
 "Berrin Burnquill",
 "Osborn Obnoticus",
 "Priestess Thaalia",
 "Sergeant Yohwa",
 "Flint Oremantle",
 "Livingston Marshal",
 "Wulfred Harrys",
 "Slate Quicksand",
 "A Weathered Grave",
 "Sirra Von'Indi",
 "Watcher Ladimore",
 "Bronwyn Hewstrike",
 "Linzi Hewstrike",
 "Dask \"The Flask\" Gobfizzle",
 "Airwyn Bantamflax",
 "Boden the Imposing",
 "Terrath the Steady",
 "Scout Dorli",
 "A Dwarven Corpse",
 "Stone Guard Kurjack",
 "Vidra Hearthstove",
 "Seer Galekk",
 "Bovaal Whitehorn",
 "Cannary Caskshot",
 "Gigantic Painite Cluster",
 "Ashelan Northwood",
 "Scout Thaelrid",
 "Sentinel Aluwyn",
 "Relwyn Shadestar",
 "Sentinel-trainee Issara",
 "Flaming Eradicator",
 "Auld Stonespire",
 "Willix the Importer",
 "Spirit of Agamaggan",
 "Ashley Blank",
 "Jearl Donald",
 "Lindsay Ravensun",
 "Shadow Priestess Vandis",
 "Field Agent Kaartish",
 "Nathaniel Dumah",
 "Murd Doc",
 "B.E Barechus",
 "Hann Ibal",
 "Dark Ranger Velonara",
 "Argent Officer Garush",
 "Adrine Towhide",
 "Selyria Groenveld",
 "Del Gahrron",
 "Grand Executor Mortuus",
 "Joseph the Awakened",
 "Joseph the Crazed",
 "Supply Sergeant Graves",
 "Joseph the Insane",
 "Major Samuelson",
 "Apothecary Witherbloom",
 "High Apothecary Shana T'veen",
 "Anduin Wrynn",
 "Explorer Mowi",
 "Examiner Rowe",
 "Prospector Brewer",
 "Reliquary Jes'ca Darksun",
 "Kelly Dumah",
 "Seer Ravenfeather",
 "Sunwalker Helaku",
 "Daryl the Youngling",
 "Belnistrasz's Brazier",
 "Safety Warden Pipsy",
 "Rusted Skystrider",
 "Ando Blastenheimer",
 "Vyrin Swiftwind",
 "Fargo Flintlocke",
 "Deathstalker Commander Belmont",
 "Abandoned Outhouse",
 "Farmer Wollerton",
 "Felsen the Enduring",
 "Scourge Cauldron",
 "Admiral Hatchet",
 "Chief Engineer Bilgewhizzle",
 "Jack Bauden",
 "Warlord Torok",
 "Ashlan Stonesmirk",
 "Apothecary Wormcrud",
 "Damion Steel",
 "Pile of Explosives",
 "Maziel's Journal",
 "Furgus Warpwood",
 "\"Ambassador\" Dagg'thol",
 "Shen'dralar Watcher",
 "Shen'dralar Ancient",
 "Treasure of the Shen'dralar",
 "Knot Thimblejack",
 "Captain Kromcrush",
 "Guard Mol'dar",
 "Druid of the Talon",
 "Stonemaul Ogre",
 "Alexi Barov",
 "Weldon Barov",
 "Eva Sarkhoff",
 "Lucien Sarkhoff",
 "Daria L'Rayne",
 "Lieutenant Myner",
 "Commander Ashlam Valorfist",
 "Lang Loosegrip",
 "Thurman Grant",
 "High Priestess MacDonnell",
 "High Priest Thel'danis",
 "Broken Weapons Crate",
 "Argent Officer Pureheart",
 "Elaborate Disc",
 "Simon Chandler",
 "\"Swamp Eye\" Jarl",
 "Master Craftsman Wilhelm",
 "Mordant Grimsby",
 "Packmaster Stonebruiser",
 "Durnt Brightfalcon",
 "Ephram Hardstone",
 "Farseer Krogar",
 "Crusade Commander Eligor Dawnbringer",
 "Lieutenant Aden",
 "Captain Wymor",
 "Sergeant Amelyn",
 "Babs Fizzletorque",
 "\"Dirty\" Michael Crowe",
 "Major Mills",
 "Arias'ta Bladesinger",
 "Ander Germaine",
 "Crusade Commander Korfax",
 "Horde Communication Panel",
 "Renn McGill",
 "Sergeant Lukas",
 "Loose Dirt",
 "Inspector Tarem",
 "Black Shield",
 "Suspicious Hoofprint",
 "Theramore Guard Badge",
 "Adjutant Tesoran",
 "Valgar Highforge",
 "Lord Grayson Shadowbreaker",
 "Jeen'ra Nightrunner",
 "Wulf Hansreim",
 "Erion Shadewhisper",
 "Osborne the Night Man",
 "High Priest Rohan",
 "High Priestess Laurena",
 "Priestess Alathea",
 "Farseer Javad",
 "Farseer Umbrua",
 "Nittlebur Sparkfizzle",
 "Maginor Dumas",
 "Alexander Calder",
 "Demisette Cloyce",
 "Sheldras Moontree",
 "Chief Surgeon Gashweld",
 "Feralas Sentinel",
 "Freewind Brave",
 "Kaelystia Hatebringer",
 "Ormak Grimshot",
 "Beram Skychaser",
 "Kardris Dreamseeker",
 "Alsudar the Bastion",
 "Grezz Ragefist",
 "Kaal Soulreaper",
 "Caz Twosprocket",
 "Balos Jacken",
 "Champion Bachi",
 "Master Pyreanor",
 "Aponi Brightmane",
 "Sunwalker Atohmo",
 "The Rattle of Bones",
 "Forward Commander Onslaught",
 "Lakota Windsong",
 "Shadow-Walker Zuru",
 "Apprentice Garion",
 "Therum Deepforge",
 "Lieutenant Emry",
 "Apprentice Morlann",
 "Frederick Stover",
 "Captain Rutsak",
 "Lord Tony Romano",
 "Lucan Cordell",
 "Archmage Angela Dosantos",
 "Saru Steelfury",
 "Gidwin Goldbraids",
 "Tarenar Sunstrike",
 "Lachlan MacGraff",
 "Argus Highbeacon",
 "Carlin Redpath",
 "Pamela Redpath",
 "Joseph's Chest",
 "Naraat the Earthspeaker",
 "Gizzix Grimegurgle",
 "Overlord Mok'Morokk",
 "Argent Officer Irizarry",
 "Captain Darill",
 "Urk Gagbaz",
 "Seer Liwatha",
 "Dark Cleric Cecille",
 "Brother Silverhallow",
 "Frederick Calston",
 "Betina Bigglezink",
 "Rimblat Earthshatter",
 "Smokey LaRue",
 "Leonid Barthalomew the Revered",
 "Crusader's Flare",
 "Lord Maxwell Tyrosus",
 "Master Craftsman Omarion",
 "Ragged John",
 "Overseer Oilfist",
 "Helendis Riverhorn",
 "Dalar Dawnweaver",
 "Gamella Cracklefizz",
 "Deacon Andaal",
 "Cassius the White",
 "Lady Cozwynn",
 "Warlord Zaela",
 "High Warlord Cromush",
 "Ambermill Dimensional Portal",
 "Thordun Hammerblow",
 "Decrepit Skeleton",
 "General Ammantep",
 "Prince Nadun",
 "Kirkian Dawnshield",
 "Corpseburner Tim",
 "Crusader Kevin Frost",
 "Argent Apothecary Judkins",
 "Augustus the Touched",
 "Trade Baron Silversnap",
 "Baron Ashbury",
 "Lord Walden",
 "Jalinda Sprig",
 "Kevin Dawson",
 "Prospector Seymour",
 "Mayara Brightwing",
 "Mountaineer Orfus",
 "Marshal Maxwell",
 "Thal'trak Proudtusk",
 "Galamav the Marksman",
 "Hierophant Theodora Mulvadania",
 "Fergus Gearchum",
 "Warlord Goretooth",
 "Brono Goodgroove",
 "Prophet Hadassi",
 "Maxwort Uberglint",
 "Crazy Larry",
 "Sand-Covered Hieroglyphs",
 "Tinkee Steamboil",
 "Keegan Firebeard",
 "Juice Gnugat",
 "Anchorite Traska",
 "King Phaoris",
 "Vizier Tanotep",
 "High Priest Amet",
 "High Commander Kamses",
 "Gaffer Coilspring",
 "Technician Braggle",
 "Garona Halforcen",
 "Keely Dunwald",
 "Flynn Dunwald",
 "Donnelly Dunwald",
 "Eoin Dunwald",
 "Cayden Dunwald",
 "Countess Verrall",
 "Pierre Fishflay",
 "Carvo Blastbolt",
 "Lead Prospector Durdin",
 "Kand Sandseeker",
 "Auctioneer Chilton",
 "Olga Runesworn",
 "Lidia Sunglow",
 "Aoren Sunglow",
 "Narkrall Rakeclaw",
 "Baba Bogbrew",
 "Zaetar's Spirit",
 "Stone Slab",
 "Marble Slab",
 "Theldurin the Lost",
 "Lucien Tosselwrench",
 "Martek the Exiled",
 "Warchief's Command Board",
 "Tracker Yoro",
 "Rifle Commander Coe",
 "Nurse Lillian",
 "Warden Thelwater",
 "Twilight Rune of Earth",
 "High Executor Darthalia",
 "Low Shaman Blundy",
 "Fanny Thundermar",
 "Colin Thundermar",
 "Sun Prophet Tumet",
 "A. I. D.A. Terminal",
 "Gek Nozzlerocket",
 "Eddie Flofizzle",
 "Dolph Blastus",
 "Dr. Hieronymus Blam",
 "Garyanne Fleezlebop",
 "The Hammer of Twilight",
 "Trove of the Watchers",
 "Joanna Blueheart",
 "Cailin Longfellow",
 "Iain Firebeard",
 "Duglas Mullan",
 "Keeland Doyle",
 "Mackay Firebeard",
 "Edana Mullan",
 "Brom Forgehammer",
 "Sigrun Ironhew",
 "Victoria Dolen",
 "Eric \"The Swift\"",
 "Terrance Storm",
 "Miss Mayhem",
 "Dispatch Commander Ruag",
 "Aidan Summerwind",
 "Jurrix Whitemane",
 "Titan Mechanism",
 "Neeka Bloodscar",
 "Packleader Ivar Bloodfang",
 "Belloc Brightblade",
 "Rhea's Final Note",
 "Stonefather Oremantle",
 "Commander Schnottz",
 "Camp Coordinator Brack",
 "Lieutenant Farnsworth",
 "Prisanne Dustcropper",
 "Burrian Coalpart",
 "Jack Rockleg",
 "Sergeant Gray",
 "Hansel Heavyhands",
 "Taskmaster Scrange",
 "Lookout Captain Lolo Longstriker",
 "Master Smith Burninate",
 "Zamael Lunthistle",
 "Mountain-Lord Rendan",
 "Totem of Ruumbo",
 "Tenell Leafrunner",
 "Arcanist Delaris",
 "Mazzer Stripscrew",
 "Agnes Flimshale",
 "Evonice Sootsmoker",
 "Commander Marcus Johnson",
 "Adventure Board",
 "High Executioner Nuzrak",
 "Pao'ka Swiftmountain",
 "Eridan Bluewind",
 "Highbank Lieutenant",
 "Captain Keyton",
 "Apothecary Underhill",
 "Spider-Handler Sarus",
 "Greta Mosshoof",
 "Commander Stevens",
 "Jessir Moonbow",
 "Sergeant Parker",
 "Farlus Wildheart",
 "Sun Priest Asaris",
 "Magatha Grimtotem",
 "Taronn Redfeather",
 "2nd Lieutenant Wansworth",
 "Warden Stillwater",
 "Mouton Flamestar",
 "Gorzeeki Wildeyes",
 "Stebben Oreknuckle",
 "Marshal Fallows",
 "Altsoba Ragetotem",
 "Prolific Writer",
 "Flesh-Shaper Arnauld",
 "Sergeant Mehat",
 "Thelaron Direneedle",
 "Johnny Awesome",
 "Kelnir Leafsong",
 "Master Apothecary Lydon",
 "Nivvet Channelock",
 "Huntress Selura",
 "Feronas Sindweller",
 "Seedling Protector",
 "Sapling Protector",
 "Flourishing Protector",
 "Isural Forestsworn",
 "Ella Forgehammer",
 "Bahrum Forgehammer",
 "Quartermaster Kaoshin",
 "Nomarch Teneth",
 "Serge Hinott",
 "General Thorg'izog",
 "Sark Ragetotem",
 "Champion Cyssa Dawnrose",
 "Tender Puregrove",
 "Malakai Cross",
 "Dragon-Lord Neeralak",
 "High Warlock Xi'lun",
 "Crate of Left Over Supplies",
 "Darla Drilldozer",
 "Foreman Pikwik",
 "Master Control Pump",
 "Alton Redding",
 "Elessa Starbreeze",
 "Kingslayer Orkus",
 "Hurak Wildhorn",
 "Fez Hobnob",
 "James Hallow",
 "Denmother Ulrica",
 "Lyros Swiftwind",
 "Russell Brower",
 "Thelaron Malaguja",
 "Donova Snowden",
 "Winterfall Cauldron",
 "Kelek Skykeeper",
 "Kaldorei Spirit",
 "Keeper Bel'varil",
 "Deathguard Samsa",
 "Deathguard Humbert",
 "Derak Nightfall",
 "Advisor Duskingdawn",
 "Quel'dorei Spirit",
 "Sin'dorei Spirit",
 "Witch Doctor Mau'ari",
 "Brett the Bomber",
 "Flashbang Rothman",
 "Lieutenant Fawkes",
 "Lilith the Lithe",
 "Deez Rocksnitch",
 "Brazie the Botanist",
 "Nils Beerot",
 "Seril Scourgebane",
 "Umi Rumplesnicker",
 "Echo Three",
 "Captain Jekyll",
 "Captain Ironhill's Ghost",
 "Francis Morcott",
 "Jeb Guthrie",
 "Jez Goodgrub",
 "Grundy MacGraff",
 "Commander Zanoth",
 "Private Garnoth",
 "Drillmaster Razgoth",
 "Staff Sergeant Lazgar",
 "Wynd Nightchaser",
 "Rinno Curtainfire",
 "3rd Officer Kronkar",
 "Commander Larmash",
 "Captain Prug",
 "Private Sarlosk",
 "Remma Curtainfire",
 "Marcy Curtainfire",
 "Sana Curtainfire",
 "Tenaron Stormgrip",
 "Finkle Einhorn",
 "Weathered Nomad",
 "War-Mage Erallier",
 "Arcanist Arman",
 "Lord Raymond George",
 "Sergeant Willem",
 "Captain Hadan",
 "Brother Paxton",
 "Earthwarden Yrsa",
 "Jadrag the Slicer",
 "Farseer Tooranu",
 "Innkeeper Vizzie",
 "Craw MacGraw",
 "Okril'lon Mage",
 "Nethergarde Mage",
 "Snevik the Blade",
 "Grot Deathblow",
 "Major Marsden",
 "Colonel Karzag",
 "Hyjal Flame Guardian",
 "Earthen Ring Bonfire",
 "Vashj'ir Flame Guardian",
 "Deepholm Flame Guardian",
 "Nagala Whipshank",
 "Balgor Whipshank",
 "Grent Direhammer",
 "Captain Soren Moonfall",
 "James Stillair",
 "General Taldris Moonfall",
 "Colin Swifthammer",
 "Overseer Blingbang",
 "Treasure Chest",
 "Commander Sharp",
 "Deldren Ravenelm",
 "Bloodslayer T'ara",
 "Marin Bladewing",
 "Dorda'en Nightweaver",
 "Branch of Nordrassil",
 "Bloodslayer Zala",
 "Briney Boltcutter",
 "Shalis Darkhunter",
 "Dried Acorn",
 "Zombie Survivor",
 "Ayla Shadowstorm",
 "Damek Bloombeard",
 "Varlan Highbough",
 "Arthorn Windsong",
 "Rabine Saturna",
 "Eunice Burch",
 "Armand Cromwell",
 "Kah Mistrunner",
 "Aska Mistrunner",
 "Angus Stern",
 "Galen Goodward",
 "Galen's Strongbox",
 "Emperor Shaohao",
 "Lin Tenderpaw",
 "Lorewalker Cho",
 "Wise Mari\"Waterspeaker\"",
 "Elder Sage Rain-Zhu",
 "Admiral Taylor",
 "Groundskeeper Wu",
 "High Elder Cloudfall",
 "General Nazgrim",

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Unread 08-10-14, 04:55 PM   #6
A Flamescale Wyrmkin
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Instead of manually adding all the quest info for Pandaria I would suggest you do one of two things:

(1) Use the quest/NPC info from the addon Grail to create your files for Carbonite automatically since Grail has very accurate data.

(2) Convert Carbonite to use the Grail data instead of its own (but this would require Carbonite to require Grail be present).
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Unread 08-10-14, 06:12 PM   #7
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how do I get Grail to create the files I need, I am trying to fill in the quest brackets that have been setup.
Like 1-10 and so that carbonite uses for it's quest module.
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Unread 08-10-14, 10:03 PM   #8
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Grail is available from wowinterface or curse. The quests are in Grail-Quests.lua, and the English versions of their names are in Grail-Quests-enUS.lua and the NPC location information is in Grail-NPCs.lua and their names are in Grail-NPCNames.lua. Note that NPC names are all there (all localizations), but the English ones are at the start of the file. If you need help understanding the format let me know the information you need and I can tell you where that information is.
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Unread 08-29-14, 11:03 PM   #9
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Nimhfree i am having a hard time figuring out how to gather all the data grail has and placing it into the format carbonite uses. due to my limited coding knowledge, is there a way to easily combine the grail data so it can show the full quest with the npc data with it?

i may not have worded that right but i am trying to get grail to issue the data out so it is something like my above hand typed quest info.
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Unread 09-02-14, 11:23 PM   #10
A Flamescale Wyrmkin
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I am not sure what each of the fields means for the Carbonite data. However, if you can explain them I can tell you where that information is in Grail and perhaps an easy way to get it out. Note that Grail does not have any objective information so you will still have to add that manually.
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Unread 09-13-14, 09:37 PM   #11
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is there a specific tag for auto completion quests or do i just treat them like a standard quest?
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Unread 09-14-14, 03:02 AM   #12
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It's just added the same way, with no end section.
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