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09-04-16, 06:08 PM   #1
A Defias Bandit
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Artifact Trait Linking

Looking for an addon which can create chat links for the proper spells when shift-clicking artifact traits. Thanks!
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09-04-16, 10:46 PM   #2
A Molten Giant
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Don't know if there are any other addons already doing this, but something like this could work

I'm not sure if prehooking instead of posthooking would taint the Artifact UI, but it prevents accidentally buying traits if you wanted to shift-click instead
(drycoded/untested since I'm still waiting for my Legion package and don't have any AP on the beta)

There is C_ArtifactUI.GetPowerInfo() but we can already grab the Spell ID I suppose


Lua Code:
  1. local oldOnClick = ArtifactPowerButtonMixin.OnClick
  3. -- rather prehook than posthook to prevent purchasing traits
  4. function ArtifactPowerButtonMixin:OnClick(button)
  5.     if IsModifiedClick("CHATLINK") then
  6.         ChatEdit_InsertLink(GetSpellLink(self.spellID))
  7.     else
  8.         oldOnClick(self, button)
  9.     end
  10. end

## Interface: 70000
## Version: v1.0.3
## Title: ArtifactTraitLink
## Notes: Lets you Shift-Click artifact traits to chat
## LoadOnDemand: 1
## LoadWith: Blizzard_ArtifactUI


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09-05-16, 11:50 AM   #3
A Defias Bandit
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Works great, thanks!!
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