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01-15-18, 01:43 AM   #21
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Ammako, could you reword your example? At least for me, it sounded confusing.
Edit. OK, this should be more clear:
During ADDON_LOADED event cleanExit obtains the saved value (for example, true). In step 2 the value of cleanExit is changed to false. However, game crashes and the new value of cleanExit isn't saved.
Could detection of crash be attempted by using /played?

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01-15-18, 06:45 PM   #22
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Originally Posted by Ammako View Post
Saved Variables don't get written to until you reload/logout/exit the game, no matter how many changes you make.
Darn, you're right! I had completelly forgotten that!
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Today, 09:01 AM   #23
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Something is amiss, some cvars are not being enforced it seems.
Maybe i fucked something up?

If anyone is able to fix it?
Ideally it should enforce only on login and reload.


local function eventHandler(self,event,...)

-- Floating Combat Text
SetCVar("enableFloatingCombatText", 1)
SetCVar("floatingCombatTextFloatMode", 1)
SetCVar("floatingCombatTextAllSpellMechanics", 0)
SetCVar("floatingCombatTextAuras", 0)
SetCVar("floatingCombatTextCombatDamage", 1)
SetCVar("floatingCombatTextCombatHealing", 1)
SetCVar("floatingCombatTextCombatDamageAllAutos", 1)
SetCVar("floatingCombatTextCombatDamageDirectionalScale", 0.3)
SetCVar("floatingCombatTextCombatDamageDirectionalOffset", 13)
SetCVar("floatingCombatTextCombatHealingAbsorbSelf", 0)
SetCVar("floatingCombatTextCombatHealingAbsorbTarget", 1)
SetCVar("floatingCombatTextCombatLogPeriodicSpells", 1)
SetCVar("floatingCombatTextCombatState", 1)
SetCVar("floatingCombatTextComboPoints", 1)
SetCVar("floatingCombatTextDamageReduction", 0)
SetCVar("floatingCombatTextDodgeParryMiss", 1)
SetCVar("floatingCombatTextFriendlyHealers", 0)
SetCVar("floatingCombatTextHonorGains", 1)
SetCVar("floatingCombatTextLowManaHealth", 0)
SetCVar("floatingCombatTextEnergyGains", 0)
SetCVar("floatingCombatTextPeriodicEnergyGains", 0)
SetCVar("floatingCombatTextPetMeleeDamage", 1)
SetCVar("floatingCombatTextPetSpellDamage", 1)
SetCVar("floatingCombatTextReactives", 0)
SetCVar("floatingCombatTextRepChanges", 0)
SetCVar("floatingCombatTextSpellMechanics", 1)
SetCVar("floatingCombatTextSpellMechanicsOther", 1)

-- Nameplate Settings
SetCVar("ShowClassColorInFriendlyNameplate", 1)
SetCVar("nameplateMaxDistance", 65)
SetCVar("nameplateShowAll", 1)
SetCVar("nameplateShowSelf", 0)
SetCVar("nameplateShowOnlyNames", 0)
SetCVar("nameplateShowDebuffsOnFriendly", 1)
--SetCVar("nameplateShowFriendlyNPCs", 1)
SetCVar("nameplateShowEnemies", 1)
SetCVar("nameplateShowFriends", 1)
SetCVar("NameplateMotion", 1)
SetCVar("nameplateLargeTopInset", -1)
SetCVar("nameplateOtherTopInset", -1)
SetCVar("nameplateLargeBottomInset", -1)
SetCVar("nameplateOtherBottomInset", -1)
SetCVar("nameplateHorizontalScale", 1)
SetCVar("nameplateOverlapV", 0.45)
SetCVar("nameplateOverlapH", 0.8)

-- Misc
SetCVar("autoLootDefault", 1)
SetCVar("TargetNearestUseNew", 0)
SetCVar("showQuestTrackingTooltips", 1)

-- Camera
SetCVar("cameraDistanceMaxZoomFactor", 2.6)
SetCVar("test_cameraDynamicPitch", 1)
SetCVar("test_cameraTargetFocusEnemyEnable", 0)
SetCVar("test_cameraDynamicPitchBaseFovPad", 0.45)
SetCVar("test_cameraDynamicPitchBaseFovPadDownScale", 0.25)
SetCVar("test_cameraDynamicPitchBaseFovPadFlying", 0.65)
SetCVar("test_cameraHeadMovementDeadZone", 0.01)

-- Mouse
SetCVar("rawMouseEnable", 1)
SetCVar("rawMouseAccelerationEnable", 0)
SetCVar("rawMouseRate", 500)
SetCVar("rawMouseResolution", 600)

--SetCVar("", 1)


local frame = CreateFrame("Frame","CVarSet")
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In a situation like this, you should be more specific about what's not working.
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Originally Posted by Ammako View Post
In a situation like this, you should be more specific about what's not working.
In AIO i can see which cvars was set by what, and i've found cvars set by the override dependencies XCT+, AIO itself and blizzard options.

A recent non-cvar change i had to add, after adding camera cvars to the addon.was this:


Might be that, dunno.


Does this line mean on character login and reload?
I was thinking i might need to add some PLAYER_LOGIN stuff too?

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