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[User Interface] Warlocks

well what im looking for is an interface with the following, nothing extra then that as i have downloaded about 6 different mods and so far i just been up to my head in pain trying to figure out how to move things around not finding it easy at all. I used to use the Groovy UI mod (before BC) which worked perfectly could do everything i wanted and a little more which i also had the power of turning off without effect 12+ more addons with it.

now basically i am a warlock as you have figured out, what im looking for is

1. some sort of dmg counter that shows the dmg done to the enemy SCTD is probably most likely the best outa the lot for this.

2. DOT Timers, i have tried about 3 of these and none work properly all work iffy, i just want to know the dmg i am doing to my target with my DOT's not the dmg i am doing to 4 other targets unless they appear in a smaller screen instead of taking just as much space as the main target

3. Casting Bar, telling me how long till cast is over and when i can use my next skill again, so pretty much it blinks up "bink, immolate ready" kinda thing

4. Something that will sort chat from combat, mother of pearl everytime i relog the settings dont save and i have to do it all over again i mean i shud just stick with the normal wow combat log >_>

5. Something with co-ordinates i saw another mod that had a tracker high lightin where quests where or i mustve read it wrong either way sounds cool to have that high lighter thingy so i know where abouts to run instead of having to Alt-Tab all the time.

6. Buttons buttons buttons, got so many sometimes too many but anyway need somewhere to make these invisible untill i need em or hit a key to bring em up.

thats about all i need to get me going
this is what i could use as an extra feature
* to beable to move things around >_>
* nice layout i could go off (like groovy ui used to have)
* something that would suit nicely around a 1024x768 resoloution

thats all, thanx

- Soldja
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Heres what I suggest you try until you find a more permanent solution. Get Necrolosis and Metahud. Necrolosis has a dot timer and space saving drop down menus that you can access your less commonly used spells from. Metahud has as built in cast timer and a more aesthetically pleasing cast bar display (essentially its just DHud but someone just renamed it) also get Titanbar since it will help you manage your addons, and the last good snag I would suggest is DamageDone which is the most commonly used damage meter. It has an option that works with Titan that allows you to show/hide it on a click. Discord mods is also very easy to learn and during 1.8 I had used it to create a pretty clean and easy to use UI with no knowledge of how to use the program.
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Just some mods that fit into those categories:


Natur EnemyCastBars

By buttons, do you mean action bars?


Bartender3 has options to show and not show specific button groups, in the key-bindings menu there are bindings that show specific action bars. Bartender3 also is linked with FuBar.

FuBar is like Titan Panel, but with more plugins.


CastingBar Alternative - eCastingBar

- Many different skins
- Move anywhere
- /ecb

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Originally Posted by soldja
2. DOT Timers, i have tried about 3 of these and none work properly all work iffy, i just want to know the dmg i am doing to my target with my DOT's not the dmg i am doing to 4 other targets unless they appear in a smaller screen instead of taking just as much space as the main target
I would like to pick that question up...

im using DoTimer and im really missing an accurate DoT-Mod that shows the Damage which is done by my DoTs to a target.

Is there any mod which is working with the current wow patch?


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@ Soldja

Seerah's Suitcase has all that you're looking for..... If you're looking for a UI pack instead of finding individual mods to suit your needs, I'd give it a looksee.

While my UI was designed around a different screen resolution, it's easy to move everything around to make it fit to your liking. You can also rearrange it however you wish it to look. I wrote out an extensive readme listing all addons and how to configure them, and I also troll this website so you can get help if you need it.
"You'd be surprised how many people violate this simple principle every day of their lives and try to fit square pegs into round holes, ignoring the clear reality that Things Are As They Are." -Benjamin Hoff, The Tao of Pooh

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