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08-06-06, 04:33 PM   #1
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What mods should i get hunter ?

Im level 23 hunter and i need to know what mods to get currently i have an auto pet feeder all in one inventory, metamap and titan bar but are there any other "necessary" mods that i will need, i dont like cloggin up the whole screen with extra things and i dont want it all overcomplicated so if anyone can suggest a nice easy to use but decent mod then please say so thanks ^.^
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11-09-06, 08:49 AM   #2
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Here are the ones I use for my hunter at the moment:
  • Fuzzy Logic - condenses Mend, Call, Dismiss and Revive Pet down into a single keybind or macro. It will aslo catch the “your pet is dead” error and cast Revive the next time it is triggered. Mend pet is cast if your pet’s HP% is < 90%.
  • FeedPetButton - My favorite pet feeder mod! Select a food for your pet and drop it onto the feed button. Clicking the feed button will drop the selected food onto your pet. When your pet is in “Happy” state, the button becomes transparent and a left-click will not activate it.
  • SPHunterSpam - Regroups most melee abilies on one single button (Hunter spam Macro) or throught keybinding. Since I rarely melee at all on my hunter, I like this to free up button space.
  • Fizzwidget’s Hunter’s Helper - When you mouse over a beast in the world, the tooltip will show which abilities a Hunter could learn after taming it. (Or no additional info if the beast doesn’t have any known abilities.)

They don't clog your interface, I know what you mean about that. Also you might want to invest in a good timer mod to show your sting spell durations. I like Chronometer for that. Easier for me to know when to re-apply stings or other debuff effects to whatever mob I'm killing.

These you may need later on, once you level to 60 and/or plan to raid:
  • SimpleTranqShot - A light weight mod that replaces the need for a macro to broadcast when a hunter casts tranqilizing shot. Uses the regular Tranq spell button. Adds some nifty bars to track the cooldowns of other hunters’ tranq shots, and much more. Use the BETA version until the next release!
  • HunterVSNefarian - Unequips/equips ranged weapon during Nefarian’s class calls.

If you're not going to raid, then don't worry about those two. But keep them in mind if you do think you want to raid in the future.

I hope all this helps you out! Happy hunting.
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02-24-07, 12:37 PM   #3
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I use and Love MazzleUI . It takes a little time to get use to it but once you tweak it to your pref it has all that you need.
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03-12-07, 07:18 AM   #4
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He is right on the mazzle ui, and even before then, the only hunter mod i found very very useful was the King of the Jungle add-on which is also a very nice pet-feeder option, and very customizable if you have more than one viable food for your pet to eat
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03-17-07, 07:40 AM   #5
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King of the Jungle,
Zhunter for autoshot
AmmoFu (!!!!!!!)

Hunter specific mods. Never got used to MazzleUI so I can't recommend it, though I did get a few of the mod ideas from it. Worth taking a look in the file folder even if the UI doesn't suit you.
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