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Originally Posted by Logdan
Well, you can have one macro cast BT, MS and SS, if you press it 3 times.

/castsequence Bloodthrist, Mortal Strike, Shield Slam

Read the stickies in the WoW UI/Macro forum for more details on what you can do.
I've been thru them. Looks like the best way is to just run them one after the other as if you're running them in order. Only one can work. Good enough for me.

Seerah, I'm almost positive you are correct about modifier clicking. I think read earlier that you can use a modifier for clicking them. I don't click my buttons much though :-) .
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That's right, sorry.
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Could still use modifiers like shirt, ctrl, or alt. If you are not already that is. They can be used by button or by clicking. That saved me space. MB, shift click is Smite. I plan on doing some healing ones soon: Shift+click Flash heal, Ctrl+Click Lesser Heal, Click Heal. Just have to mindful of that 256 character limit.
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Originally Posted by Whaite
Also, in the past, my macros did not work with my cooldown mods. I don't know if that is the case nowadays with the new syntaxes to add to them which leads me to the last reason I dont want to make macros for this . . . I only have a few slots left for macros and don't want to waste them.
Again, no offense. Just wanted to explain. I essentially said, "I was looking for this mod. I don't want to make macros. I just want something to replace this mod. "
You might not like the answer, but this can only be done WITH a macro, which is why you are getting that answer.

However, you'll be happy to hear that you can 1) reduce the number of macros you need using the conditionals provided in the new macro format and 2) fix the cooldown thing by simply inserting the "#showtooltip Mortal Strike" tag or by selecting the "?" for a graphic icon.

To give you an example of what I mean. Let's say that you play a Druid. The following macro would cast two different spells depending on what type of target you had.

/cast [help] Regrowth; [harm] Wrath

This would cast Regrowth if your target was friendly, otherwise it casts Wrath.

You can also create conditionals for finding a new target and beginning attacks. For example, this string of macros will 1) if I dont have a target, aquire one, 2) if my target is friendly then assist them, if i am in combat then auto-attack target otherwise stop the macro.

/targetnearest [noexists]
/assist [help]
/stopmacro [nocombat]

My point here is that while you make a lot of good points about not using the macros, the truth is that you are simply gimping yourself if you don't use the macros to the fullest potential.

Another example...

/cast [target=mouseover] Blind

For a Rogue, this is is pretty valuable. It allows you to hover over an enemy unit with your mouse, hit macro and then blind them WITHOUT switching your targets or turning off your auto-attacks on your CURRENT target.
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Thanks. Thing is, I knew about the macros. I was just trying to find out whether or not a mod existed to do what I wanted. If no, then I'd use the macros.

Also, conditionals unfortunately didn't help much because as a warrior, there's not a whole lot of things that I need to do that are not attacks. The only places I used conditionals were for mocking blow/disarm, and 2 other. I can't remember what they were.

The rest almost filled up all of my macros. It was very frustrating actually because I had to delete some other macros in order to do this.

The macros work very well but if a macro can do it, a mod should be able to do it better. That is not true here.

I tried leaving some things out (i.e. cleave, slam) but I found myself kicking myself whenever I tried to hit cleave/slam and nothing happened so I just did it with most of the melee abilities (I think the only ones I left out were execute, revenge, and execute and I've been meaning to add execute for when I begin pvping).
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