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Clique vs Healbot

Hi all,

I've been using Healbot for a while but I'm interested in Clique. Here's the background...

My on my Pally I used Panza (then it died) and switched over to Healbot. Just for back up healing, and cleansing. What I liked best with Healbot is the boxes that it makes for each group member (including myself) I'd make them small and sick them just in my LOS when I play so I can see if I need to spot heal, cleanse, DI, etc.

Does Clique offer such a feature? Can anyone who has used both offer an opinion?

Thanks in advance.
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Being a shadow priest I backup heal and am usually in charge of dispel so main healer doesn't waste mana.

Let me first answer your first question. Clique is a click caster. That's all it provides. Based on key combo that you hold down you can click on frames (anything registered as click castable) and cast any spell you wish. It is my primary method of healing when I need to do so. When in party I use PERL/X-PERL/DISCORD. Depending on my mood and the kind of style I'm felling depends on which unit frame mod I have going. I just click cast on the individual party frames. In raid I use sRaidFrames or PerfectRaid. For a while I used DagParty which put 5 small unit frames wherever I wanted. I modified it a bit so pets were above their masters and it expanded horizontally where I could place it above my action bars. http://wow-en.curse-gaming.com/downl...6041/dagparty/ When I get a chance I can take a screenshot of my mods to dagparty and how it's different then what is seen in the screenshots. It might do what you want, they're small and unobtrusive.

For dispel I use Decursive. I don't use the live list I just use the Mini Unit frames. Little small buttons that turn red or blue depending on whether I dispel or cleanse. Theoretically if I could just remember the damn key combo I could use Clique + unit/raid frames. Probably a better option to reduce the number of mods running at any given time.
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