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API Changes for 1600, 12 July 05

Here's a list of the blizzard UI code API changes in 1.6 -- Sorry I didn't do this earlier, the loss of character copy and some really bad scheduling on my part messed up my efforts. - Iriel

* Pet actions, item uses, and movement controls require hardware events to work.

* New API function numFlags = GetNumBattlefieldFlagPositions()
* New API function flagX,flagY,flagToken = GetBattlefieldFlagPosition(index)
* New API function seconds = GetBattlefieldInstanceRunTime()
* Removed API function GetBoundMapPosition
* New API function GetItemInfo (itemID|"itemlink") (Described in the 1.6 updates thread)
* New API function GetPVPRankProgress()
* New API function hk, contribution = GetPVPThisWeekStats()
* New API function HasWandEquipped()
* New API function IsLinuxClient() (Is there something you're not telling us Slouken?)
* New API function IsWindowsClient()
* Removed API function SaveMacros()
* Removed API function TargetUnitsPet("unit")
* New API function TargetLastTarget()
* New API function TargetNearestRaidMember()
* New API function UnitInRaid("unit")
* New API function UnitIsCivilian("unit")
* API Function SelectGossipOption is called with a new second argument (it's text from an edit box, but I dont know what for right now)

* SetItemRef (link,text,button) - The 'text' Argument is new, it used to be (link, button)
* ChatFrame_OnHyperlinkShow (link,text,button)The 'text' argument is new, it used to be (link, button) only.
* Updated PartyMemberFrame_RefreshPetBuffs(id) to take a new 'id' argument.
* Updated PartyMemberFrame_UpdatePet(id) to take a new 'id' argument.
* New UI function TargetFrame_CheckDishonorableKill()
* A bunch of new UI functions concerning RaidPullout*

Possible changes:

* TargetNearestEnemy() (AKA TAB targetting) appears to have a shorter range than before (or ignores the targetNearestDistance CVAR)

New toc number is 1600

Her original thread is here

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