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Question Shaman Interface

Whats a good interface for a new shaman?
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What ever you want.

Seriously, the best interface is what fits you. There are a lot of compilations you can use, or you can build your own UI that is tweaked to the way YOU play. There are several basic parts that you want to look at while putting your new UI together. Mods that I have * are mods that I use (I have a shammy alt)

ActionBars - Let's face it, for many classes the default Blizzard bars suck. Especially for shamans. You will want to replace the default Blizzard bars with something more configurable so you can have the spell you need handy (unless you are a keyboard user, then the default bars are OK). ActionBar mods will allow you to place your bars where you want them and have as many bars (up to 10 or 120 total buttons) as you need displayed.

- Bongos2
- Bartender3*

UnitFrames - The default UnitFrames (your Health and Mana bars) are OK but are really bare when it comes to info. You can turn on HP/MP numerical values via the Interface menu but there are better options out there. Some many UnitFrame mods will display what class the critter you are killing (or is killing you) is. This is great as you tell right away what type of critter you are facing and possible problems. An Example for Shammies would be Elementals whom many are immune to Nature damage. Armed with this info you can plan your attack. Many UnitFrame mods will give you additional options such as cast bars (and enemy cast bars, great to time an Earth Shock to stop a mob from healing), a five second timer for your mana regen, etc)

- Pitbull*
- ag_UnitFrames
- Discord Unit Frames
- X-Perl
- Perl Classic

You may want to team your UnitFrames with MobHealth3 so you can get a numerical HP view of your mob's HP

WoW does not come with any built in timers (cept for buffs). For Shammies this important as you really want to know when your Cooldowns end (like for Shocks) and how long your totems, shock effects, etc are going to last.

Cooldown Timers

- Hourglass*
- OminCC*
- CooldownTimers2

General Timers

- Chronometer
- DoTimer*
- ClassTimer

All in one Timers

- NatursEnemyCastBars

Some Shaman like to use a totem timer, however I just timers built in my timing mod. Some totem timers:

- Yata
- TotemTimers

A castbar mod can really help however many UnitFrame mods come with casting bars included. If you want an enhanced cast bar look at the following;

- eCastingBar
- Quartz*

That is the basics for your UI. There all kinds of other things you can add, such as bag mods (Bagnon is my fav), to enhance versions of the Floating Combat Text (SCT*, MSBT), mods to track data, mods to enhance your map (Cartographer*, Atlas, MetaMap), HUD mods (MetaHUD, ArcHUD), etc.

If that is still to much and you need a UI that is really easy to set up then you can't go wrong with MazzleUI. MazzleUI has a great setup screen that will configure the UI for you by asking a series of questions and based on your answers set up its various mods accordingly. It will even place your spells on your action bars for you.

Most of these mods can be found on this site or on the WoWAce files site.
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MAzzle UI is very nice.

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MazzleUI is great, but IMO, if you are a control freak like me, building your own interface is better. Bartender3/Bongos2 and a unit frame mod (I use AG) is a great base, and don't forget FuBar. Then you can add whatever you like, I use a ton of addons (think I'm over 100 now if you count libraries) to enhance the small aspects, like ScrollingCombatText, Cartographer, Aloft, Prat and so on.
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