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Question Need Suggestions!

Current UI:

Can you guys help me out here becuase I'm no addon expert and trust me my Computer casn handle a lot of Add ons!

Thanks guys!

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Its all up to personal preference. Start with the question - "What don't you like about the default UI?"

For "me" - when I first started, I wanted to get rid of the gryphons on the sides of the bars. I wanted to see all of my bags in one big window instead of individual bags. Etc.

For hunters you might want some of Fizzwidget's mods - one will show you what trainable skills animals have. One will feed your pet with the push of a button.

Figure out what you want to change, then try a bunch of mods and settle in on what you like. No one can tell you!

Hope this helps guide you - don't be afraid - mods and not permanent - if things slow down to much just delete them!

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I'm just really bored with the same old UI that's all. Plus there is so many good ones idk what I want XD...

I'm sorry if I sound like a helpless child
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I have always preferred SpartanUI in terms of the "look". Unfortunately the version available is not 2.3 compatible, so you have to know where to get the updated Discord versions to make it work. It definitely isn't new-user friendly as it may take some replacing of some addons, and updates of others to make it work in 2.3

In the end though, it is my favorite.

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Whilst it's not my favourite, I agree.. Spartan UI is very easy on the eye and offers a nice and small selection of AddOns.
There is a fan update though

Edit: fixed link
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