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Looking for some help designing my UI...

Well I was looking around and found a UI that I thought was great but I looked into it to try to figure out how to make something like it and I have absolutely no clue

That's the pic I found but I wanna know how to design the bottom part...I have photoshop so I can easily make it but I want to know how to implement it into the game...Any help is appreciated and remember...

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You can add graphic elements like that in to the game by using one of a few mods out there.
Something like Discord art will certainly allow you to add elements like that as will Eepanels. I know there are other mods for it as well the names just escape me currently.

Eepanels2 can be found at wowace.com and Discord art and related discord mods can be found at http://underworldexodus.com/forum/forum.php.

The graphic files need to be in powers of 2 so 64, 128, 256, 512 i forget if there are min/max sizes ( i personally just stay between those numbers) and require an alpha channel. .tga format works nicely though i believe there are others.

that should cover the basics. There should be a sticky with more detailed info in this forum.

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Those graphics are from darktide's old, old reborn UI. Go to http://underworldexodus.com/forum/OldUIForum.php and look for it, the search and sorting doesn't work in the old UI forum so you need to go through all the pages

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