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nUI MB usage problem.

I've been having problems ever since I installed nUI 5.02.02 with sudden and drastic drops in my FPS and then a complete screen freeze. I can hear WoW still running but it seems my FPS stays at 0.
I've read the forums and newsletter. I did a "clean" install of nUI 5.02.04, replacing the Interface and WTF folders. I also limited WoW's FPS to 30 and nUI's FPS to 25. I'm still having the same problem. Last night I noticed that nUI's MB readings show that it is slowly increasing it's MB usage by about 0.02 MB every few secs or so and doesn't seem to level out. Before WoW's 3.1 patch nUi used about 6-11MB. I logged out of WoW last night as nUi was using 30.0+ MB and still climbing and my laptop was heating up as if under heavy strain. I certainly wasn't in a setting that should be taxing my laptop.
I've run nUI previous to Blizzard's 3.1 patch with no problems. I also ran WoW 3.1 for a week before I installed nUI 5.02.02. The day I installed it I started to have the problem. Somewhere between a half an hour to two hours the FPS drops to 0 in just a few seconds and stays there. I suspect nUi is doing something in the background that is causing my laptop to heat up, perhaps a conflict of somekind I'm not sure. Please help nUI is an absolutely fantastic addon.

System specs:
MacBook Pro3,1
OSX 10.5.6
2.2 GHz intel core 2 Duo
GeForce 8600M GT

Note: I am also running the latest versions of "Carbonite Quest", and "Auctioneer" Addons, but that is it.
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There are some known issues with the Bliz garbage collector which my account for part of this, but it shouldn't be as intense as that.

Now... to be sure, you will always see the memory usage increasing by a bit every tick, that's because of how garbage collection works, but after a while it should reset back to the base memory level and then start rising again.

In any event, it seems now that the bigger FPS issue was fixed this other issue has become more obvious. I will keep looking into it, however, please know that I have *no* control over the garbage collection.

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A Defias Bandit
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Thanks for the timely reply Scott, I understand that nUI isn't your only responsibility. I'm going to keep trying different things and see if I can pin down exactly what the problem is. I really don't want to give it up.

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