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Clique icon/name and functionality

I want to add an icon and a name to custom macros in clique but it currently shows a red question mark and the beginning of the script as name. #showtooltip does nothing. Any idea if it's possible, because it looks messy and unreadable that way.

Also, the main reason I wanted that was to add the /stopspelltarget line that avoids the annoying "blue cursor" thing when you click on a dead person ("friend" type on clique does not fix it). Any idea if I can do it somehow without including the line?
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What does your macro look like?

I'm not that familar with macros or Clique, but I would guess there has to by at least one spell name in your macro to have #showtooltip actually showing anything.
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Clique doesn't support #show or #showtooltip, or any other method of assigning an icon to custom macros. You can trick it by editing your saved variables file:

	["icon"] = "Interface\\Icons\\ability_shaman_cleansespirit",
	["macrotext"] = "/cast [@mouseover, harm]Purge;[@mouseover, dead]Ancestral Spirit;[@mouseover]Cleanse Spirit",
	["type"] = "macro",
	["key"] = "SHIFT-BUTTON1",
	["sets"] = {
		["default"] = true,
There's nothing you can do about the name though; it just doesn't have any concept of a name or label in relation to custom macro bindings. You can get a slightly more useful display by taking advantage of the fact that lines starting with a # in a macro are considered comments and ignored when you actually run the macro:

# Cure
/cast [@mouseover, harm] Purge; [@mouseover, dead] Ancestral Spirit; [@mouseover] Cleanse Spirit
This won't affect the functionality but will make sure "# Cure" is shown first in Clique's list.
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