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MMOUI News, 19 January 2012

Notes for all:

We just finished moving all of our sites to new servers. If you notice anything not working the way it should be, please let us know.

[Edit]: We've just merged the "Member Guides", "Raid", "Tradeskills" and "Quest" forums into one forum named "Gameplay". We have also created a new forum "UI Screenshots, Feedback and Design Discussion" since there seems to be enough call for it.

Notes for authors:

One of the things that has changed, in part due to the move although not completely, is that we are going back to our old policy of only allowing .zip files for uploads. Going forward we will no longer accept .rar files. If you already have a file on the site that is a .rar, we will allow it to stay as such. However, all updates and any new uploads will have to be in the .zip format. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Also a quick reminder about the download database clean up: We’ve been going through the download categories moving long outdated addons out of the live categories and into the Outdated category. If your addon hasn’t been touched in a couple years, it’s been moved. If you are still actively maintaining it, please update it to be compliant with 4.3 and send a PM to any of the site staff to get it moved back to whichever live category you want it in.

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