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paladin help

i wondered..what is best wep combination for me overall and what talent build should i work towards?
life begins at 20 and life ends at 2 if that makes sense

i still such a low lvl

Withren is my main now because i give up on characters very easy but it's just i found tirant boring as a paladin (i'm sure some people think they're great but they're not for everybody)

I now love hunters
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I believe Ret is the best for levelling. When you go Ret, you want to use a 2H for more damage.
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Can't Go Wrong With a Pally

Originally Posted by darko265
i wondered..what is best wep combination for me overall and what talent build should i work towards?
I have a lvl 70 Holy Spec Pally as my main toon and when I was levelling I used alot of 2-handed weapons with fiery enchant, mostly polearms, Bonechewer and Stoneraven at higher levels, but I loved Wirt's Third Leg too. At level 20 you get a pally quest for Verigan's Fist which is a excellent weapon.

As far a builds, I was Holy spec the entire way and never had any problems levelling fast. Levels 1-69 my build focused on strength over intellect and holy damage over healing. At level 70 I respec'd and reversed that. I think you will find that at level 70 Holy Spec Pallys are in HIGH DEMAND for end-game raiding. I get constant guild recruitment invites and I get first choice for all epic healing gear. My bonus healing is currently +1433 (higher than most priests) and my mana is 10,000+ (higher than most mages) in my epic gear.

You can check my current build out on Armory. Toon Name: Creylock Server: Anvilmar.

Enjoy your pally. They really are ALOT of fun to play. Be flexible when you party with others, cuz you really can do it all....just use different sets of gear and it will make a huge difference in the transitiion from healer to DPS to tank.
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Whatever you do, please don't go Defensive PVP, I hate bubbledins

Here is a guide on how to level up a paladin including talents. And here is a guide to Paladin AOE ( ) which I stumbled upon.

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I found that at certain levels different specs were better, starting off I used holy, went ret a fw times, prot a few times, outland I did holy till 70 and went back to prot for raiding
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I am leveling my Pally as Prot. From 1-35 Ret is generally the way to go which is how I leveled my Pally to 35, but once you hit 35-40 then the Prot tree becomes a very viable option.

How do you level as Prot? Easy, go into a mob camp pull three or four and start DPSing one down. S/Jol, S/JoW and SoR as needed, depending on whether you need to regen HP or Mana. I can usually clear mobs very quickly. The only issue I run into is with casters, though Hammer of Justice and Arcane Torrent helps shut em down long enough for me to deal with them. However if I get more than one caster, then it is time to Bubble and run. I can usually finish a fight with almost full Health and a big pile of corpses to loot. Plus I am getting requests all the time to come tank instances which is a bonus.

Keys to leveling as Prot:

A decent fast weapon. This is because you want to Proc (especially Reckoning) as often as possible. With Prot you have several talents that proc and make you much more survivable and can also increase your DPS:

Reckoning - a 2% chance when hit by a mob/player to get an extra attack for the next 4 swings in the next 8 seconds. When you pull several mobs this will proc very often. With a bunch of fast hitting mobs, this will almost be constant. Lots o' DPS.
Redoubt - increases the chance you block with your shield
Blessing of Sanctuary - causes Holy damage everytime you block with your shield From the WoW EU Pally forums: This not only reduces damage taken by 14/19/24/80, but also deals 21/28/35/46 damage every time you block. Coupled with our shield spike (20-30 if you buy thorium), you're returning 40-76 damage every time you block.
Holy Shield: Causes Holy damage everytime you block. 4 Charges (can be increases with talents), lasts 10 seconds

Plus you want to use

Retribution Aura - Reflects some damage back to the attacker
Righteous Fury

Plus two of the following (alternate depending on the situation)
Seal/Judgment of Light - Regen HP by attacking/being attacked
Seal/Judgment of Wisdom - Regen Mana by attacking/being attacked
Seal of Retribution - causes Holy Damage with each Hit

Also you want a Shield Spike for even more damage when you block. Plus if you can get one, a shield that can proc a damage effect. For Belfadins, this easy one is easy as (Vile Protector) is a quest reward from a SM Library Quest

Basically you take a beating and reflect much of that damage back to the mob/player dishing it out. As stated in the "Light and How to Swing It" feature on WoWInsider:
Originally Posted by WoW Insider
, the most sadistic spec in paladindom.
And since much of the damage being reflected is Holy Damage, the chance of resists/immunity is extremely small (only mobs that are immune to any from of magic based attack which are pretty rare to encounter while leveling).

-Able to easily solo 4 mobs 2 levels above you, 5-6 equal level or lower, and end fights with nearly full mana and health.
-Very tough in PvP, especially against rogues, fury warriors, feral druids, and enhancement shaman.
-Tanking ability for instance runs.

-Fairly slow DPS against a single mob.
-Casters avoid your mitigation and therefore will toast you.
-Ranged are difficult to manage because you can only use SoL to heal if they are close enough to hit.

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Xinh hit it spot on.

I wish that the Protection tree had been as viable when I was leveling my paladin back in the day.

Warriors don't like you taking "their" loot though. >.<
Geboran - Level 70 Paladin
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