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Can I remove the 'mouseover' tooltip??

I've been fiddling with Carbonite for the last few days and have almost everything worked out that I need.. but I can't seem to figure out something..

When the map is small, with the minimap not docked (so it looks like the center of the map where I'm located)... if i move the mouse OUTSIDE the minimap shaded area.. I get Carbonite's Tooltip showing me my coordinates, zone name etc.. Is there a way to turn this OFF? I already have it displaying that information in the Title Bar, I do not need it twice.. Furthermore it interferes with mouse-overs on any of Gatherer's resource nodes, and other mods which put notes on the map. (They show up for a fraction of a second before Carbonites tooltip takes over the frame).

I can't see an option to simply turn off the mouseover tooltip. I did see one that says to move it to the top.. but not to disable it completely.. is there one ?

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