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WoWI News and Hour of Twilight Patch 4.3 Notes

Notes for everyone:

As always, we have our Survival Guide available to make it easier to find out which addons have been updated where. We've turned off the links on it, so we can flag them compliant again as they get updated. If you see any of them that have been updated that we haven't marked as such already, please feel free to email us at [email protected] with the link to where it has been updated.

We’ve added a couple new categories and renamed a couple others to better reflect the evolving nature of addons:
  • Mounts & Pets – new category for addons dealing with pets and mounts
  • UI Media – new category for texture packs, font related addons, icon packs/replacements and sound packs/replacements
  • Auction House & Vendors – updated to include vendor related addons
  • Character Advancement – formerly called “Quest, Leveling & Reputation” we’ve updated it to also include Achievements and changed the name to better describe it
Dolby has done a redesign for the addon listing pages. Hopefully you will like the new layout as much as we do.

As well, we’ve added opensearch to the site:
  • In Firefox, refresh whatever WoWI page you are on, then in the search box hit the little drop down arrow on the icon, add WoWInterface and now you can search it directly.
  • In Chrome you just type wowi[tab] and enter your query
Notes for authors:

We’ve been going through the download categories moving long outdated addons out of the live categories and into the Outdated category. If your addon hasn’t been touched in a couple years, it’s been moved. If you are still actively maintaining it, please update it to be compliant with 4.3 and send a PM to any of the site staff to get it moved back to whichever live category you want it in.

Also, as previously mentioned, we’ve created a couple new categories and changed a couple others. If you want your addon moved into one of these new or updated categories just let one of us know.

In the wake of the Cataclysm, Azeroth's champions rose up to thwart the forces of the maddened black Dragon Aspect, Deathwing. Thus far the world's defenders have shattered the power base of the Twilight's Hammer cult and defeated the raging elemental lords Al'Akir and Ragnaros. Yet despite these victories, as long as Deathwing is free to pursue his twisted goals, Azeroth will remain under threat.

No one is more aware of this fact than the great Dragon Aspects Alexstrasza, Nozdormu, Ysera, and Kalecgos. Together with the wise shaman Thrall, they have devised a plan to vanquish Deathwing with a weapon of his own design: the infamous Dragon Soul.

In patch 4.3, Thrall and the noble Aspects will call upon the Horde and the Alliance to help them retrieve the artifact--no longer in existence--from the distant past. Those brave enough to face the challenge will embark on a perilous journey from Azeroth's apocalyptic End Time to the Dragon Soul's point of origin during the catastrophic War of the Ancients. If the heroes succeed, an even more harrowing battle awaits them in the present....

User Interface
  • Archaeology areas of interest will now show on the mini-map, in addition to the World Map.
  • Bag Search
    • A search field has been added to allow players to search bag, bank, guild bank, and Void Storage inventories for specific items.
  • The Reforging interface has been updated and improved.
  • Quest Tracking areas or points of interest will now show on the mini-map, in addition to the World Map.
  • The World Map now displays the expected character levels for each zone.
  • Added a “promote everyone” checkbox that will automatically make all raid members, Raid assistants. This checkbox can be found in the Raid Frame and the Unit Frame “pull-out” tab.
  • There are now commands for world markers & unit markers.
  • Added new rotation, zoom, and pan controls are now available in all windows with player models in UI frames.
  • Players can now unlearn profession specialization without unlearning the profession (Engineering & Alchemy).
  • [Mac] Added functionality to allow using the Command key instead of the Control key on Apple keyboards. This can be enabled in Mac Options.
  • [Mac] Added functionality to disable Mac OS system keyboard shortcuts so that they do not interfere with keyboard shortcuts in WoW. This can be enabled in Mac Options.
  • Added a feature to interact with NPCs, game objects (mailbox, mining nodes, etc.), and corpses on left-click as well as right-click. There is now an option under Interface:Controls to turn this feature off.
Source /Full Patch Notes

Notes for all World of Warcraft patches can be found here
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Wowhead made an awesome video of the 4.3 game changes... (I made the intro animation)

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