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05-19-07, 02:30 AM   #1
A Murloc Raider
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Buff / Debuff icons moving/removing

I tried to look for an addon which would allow doeing this for a week, but couldn't find. So could anyone tell if there is an addon which allows me to either move those buff / debuff icons from the left side of minimap to somewhere else, or even remove them from there?

I want to move them because this happens:

Addons I'm using at the moment (in case it can be done with one of these already... if it can then with which one of them and how?):
- ag_UnitFrames
- Atlas
- Auctioneer
- BeanCounter
- Bongos
- Bongos_ActionBar
- Bongos_CastBar
- Bongos_Options
- Bongos_Rollbar
- BonusScanner
- Bottom Scanner
- diTooltip
- Drathals HUD
- Drathals HUD Options
- EnhTooltip
- Fubar 2.0
- Fubar - Fubar_BlockTradeFu
- Fubar - Auto_LootFu
- Fubar - ChatListFu
- Fubar - ClockFu
- Fubar - ExperienceFu
- Fubar - GuildFu
- Fubar - LocationFu
- Fubar - MoneyFu
- Fubar - PlayFu
- Fubar - VolumeFu
- Grid
- GryphonKiller
- Informant
- KasoBubbles
- LootLink
- MobInfo-2
- QuickDisband
- RicoMiniMap
- Stubby
- Sunn Viewport Art
- Sunn - Art Pack 2
- Swatter
- Tradesbar
- Weapon Quick Swap
I was hoping Bongos or ag_UnitFrames would have done this, but at least couldn't find options to do it.

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There a couple of ways to move the buff/debuff frames. The easiest to use a buff mod like Buffalo, DreamBuff or buff bars like ElkBuffBars or CT_BuffMod. These will allow you to move the buff frame to were you want and usually some extra features.

The other way to move the buff/debuff frames is use a move mod like MoveAnything, Visor2 or Discord Frame Modifier. However for just moving the buff/debuff frame, those mods are overkill.
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05-19-07, 03:39 AM   #3
A Murloc Raider
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Ok thanks a lot. Going to give a try to those.
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