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Attack Power and Priests?

Well now that I've gotten my priest to the Outlands he has gotten several drops that have an attack power bonus. I was wondering how that applies to a priest? Is attack power only for melee and ranged? Are spells considered ranges combat?

Thanks for your input.

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Attack power is useless for a priest unless you are in melee combat all the time (if so, you shouldn't be playing a priest!).

As you said, attack power is only for melee and ranged abilities. If you want to increase the damage done by your spells you should be looking for equipment that states 'increases damage and healing done by spells and effects by up to xx' or '+ xx damage and healing'.

I'm not really sure what drops you are talking about though, I don't remember seening any quest rewards like that in Outland. If you mean just greens that drop from things you kill, that's random, it doesn't mean it's made for you or that you should use it.
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Just because there are random drops doesn't mean that any item dropped should fit you. These items are usually more useful to an enchanter than most, and most would use it there aswell.

As far as quest items go, well you got the same thing there too. There are quests with no items what so ever for yourself that only offer gold and xp and there are quests that do offer you a nice upgrade.

Seeing as you are a priest all you have to look for is cloth+mace/staff and off hand objects that might enhance the spec you have which isn't always easy, but something you learn as you go along
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Thanks for the feedback, I kind of figured the attack power was for melee/range combat. I have been lucky to get a couple drops that indicate bonus to spell damage and/or increase in healing. So far I really love the outlands, quest rewards are nice and gold is much easier to make. Since I am an enchanter the poor green drops are really great for increasing skills.

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as a rule, you should find no more than 3 or 4 stats that you find useful (2 or 3 is better, i say), choose these stats considering your main role in instances, questing/grinding/farming, or pvp'ing. like if you were a shadow priest, i would recommend

spell dmg,

spell hit,

and mana regen (X mana every 5 sec.).

then maybe, stam, int, spirit, or maybe spell crit (...for every 5.5 secs you can even cast a spell that crits at best).

then once you find your 3 or 4, whore yourself out only for gear that at least has two of those stats. something with stam and agi needs to be booted and replaced with an outlands green that has your stats. buy them from AH if you have to. "of the elder" or "sorcerer" gear isn't bad, even though i don't like gearing for stamina, unless it's for pvp. but even then..

and don't be one of those guys that wears something with wrong stats simply because it's blue...or even purple. the old dogs inspect your gear and will label you a fool. aim for the stats you want and let them add up. that's where your power comes from. when stats are too scattered, it just makes you OK at everything, but not good at anything.


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