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08-22-07, 11:56 PM   #1
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Rogue, need help.

Well, I'm looking into continuing on being a Rogue, but I dunno whether I should go dual swords or dual daggers. I was told to go dual dagger by some, but dual swords from others, any suggestions?
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08-23-07, 12:17 AM   #2
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Have read through this: http://www.wowwiki.com/Rogue_builds

It depends on your style mostly and your build. I know rogues that swear by both.
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08-23-07, 06:06 AM   #3
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There is a rogue guide on official wow forums here. Later down on the page there is an overall view on each common rogue build. Heres some Ctrl C Ctrl V'age

Combat Daggers - 16/41/5 (-1 point from either Relentless Strikes, Lethality or Opportunity)


Arena 2vs.2: C
Arena 3vs.3: D
Arena 5vs.5: D
BGs: C
5-Mans: B
10 Mans: A+
25 Mans: A+
5-Man Heroic: A
World PvP: B
Duels: D
Grinding: C

Combat Swords/Maces/Fists - 16/41/0 (+4 points usable at your own discretion)


Arena 2vs.2: B
Arena 3vs.3: B
Arena 5vs.5: C
BGs: B
5-Mans: A
10 Mans: A
25 Mans: B
5-Man Heroic: A
World PvP: A
Duels: A
Grinding: A+

Hope it helps. Good lucK!
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10-29-07, 07:07 PM   #4
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On my orc rogue I used a combat sword build and I believe it is the fastest lvling spec for a rogue and it is a decent PvP build+Raid build but that is just my two cents
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10-30-07, 04:41 AM   #5
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With my Rogue alt, I use a Combat Sword build as he is mostly a PvE farming alt. These seems to be the mostly popular set up (or a Combat Dagger) for leveling/Raiding. However play with the various builds other posters have linked until you find one that fits YOUR playstyle.
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12-04-07, 09:31 AM   #6
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Easy. If you want to grind a Rogue go Combat Swords.

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