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Warlock build?

Hi, I am playing lvl 46 warlock (friends account, hes not playing anymore) and I was thinking that what is the best leveling build for warlock. I found one quite good (my opinion) but the only problem is that I don't know in what order I should take those talents.. Build is 7/41/11...
I aint good warlock player so I need help!

PS. sorry for spelling mistakes ^^
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Well I am leveling mine with this build... Its not my endgame build though but its for making grinding as solo lock easy.

Go for the Demonology tree part first then Destruction after.

The improved voidwalker is nice until you can get the felguard.. After lvl 50 you can spent these ones as you like

Just my 2cents
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For soloing id have to say a heavy if not all demonology spec would be useful.

Ive been doing so on my warlock and rarely have trouble unless i get too many mobs though a void or felguard can handle 2-3 depending on the mobs. Not to mention you can handle more with a reasonably clear area and fear.

As stated though once you have your felguard id start dumping points in to other categories. I just hit 50 with my lock yesterday so havent decided which tree i want to put my remaining points in to.

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well i go for the Siphon Life/Conflagarate build...the reason is tht with siphon life its very hard to run out of mana fast...u can just use siphon like to regain health and then keep using life tap to get mana...so u can just abt become a grinding machine

my build is 21/3/37
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