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For a Warlock

Hello, I am new to all this so bear with me.

What is a good UI for a Warlock.

Right now I have necrosis and Gypsy Patcher. I dont even know what gypsy pathcer does because I was told to do it by someone first day I got the game.

What is a good Add On for being bale to move around my abilities on my screen and have it nice looking as well?

Something will I can have a row of 7 for my curses. Another batch just for my nukes. etc......

Any info is appreciated
Thank You.
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i am a lvl 56 WL on the magathirdon server and the best UI i have found was necrosis.
i have used many other UI and they dont compare. But necrosis is out of date so has some bugs just wait for the next patch and it should work great.
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For a Warlock

I thought I found a mod a while back that would count down your immolate spell and automatically conflagrate in between auto-attacks. But now that I'm playing a Warlock, I can't find it. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

What the deuce?!?!?!?!!!
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They updated Necrosis. And I haven't heard of an addon that auto-conflagrates...
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Yes - autocasts are out (Blizz intentional)

I like both Necrosis and Shard Tracker (resurrection version on Curse).

Necrosis is still in limbo, so right now I'm on ST.

Also, servitude (resurrection, also, on Curse) is good. Autocasts have been switched to prompts, so it is still quite useful..

My UI, including ShardTracker (bottom buttons over minimap) and servite (not visible):
Warlock UI
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Thumbs up

If you want a stand alone piece, check out count doom, here on WoWinterface, it is a great timer for Warlocks DoT's & banishes & enslaves. It does much more, but can be really helpful to help ensuire you know when enslave has been about due to break, Banish is going to wear off, or so you know when to recast Curse of Agony, making sure to squeeze out that last little bit of Dmg.

Stand alone, it is very nice, I believe Necrosis has something like it though.
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I personally use and prefer ShardTracker , Servitude , and CountDoom.
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countdoom(ressurection) is the best warlock mod.
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I use Servitude Resurrection, ShardAce and TTSpellTimers
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I'm using ShardAce atm, I just find Necrosis takes up too much screen space, whereas shardace is just for minimapbuttons that you can move whereever with moveanything

I raid though and while I'm still hanging on to bigwigs, though portions of them no longer with Timex, I perfer the Timex bars to the ttst notifications. Anyone know the parent frame name for the Timex bars?

/move TimexBar1 works, but I'd like to move and resize all the bars at the same time.
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You should be able to move the bars useing BigWigs...

Just type /bw and dig through the commands, I don't recall exacty what they are. I know there is one for unlocking the bars and another for unlocking the message frame.
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