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Pick for 2/15: Four great new addons!

This week has seen a rush of great new addons. Unfortunately, I had to narrow it down, and I couldn't get past four. So, I decided to show you all four and let you decide! Some of these addons, such as DotIt, are still in development, but all look like great additions to the mod scene. Read through their descriptions, test them out yourself, and vote for which one you would tell your friends about!

Class Colors:

[Click image for full-size view.]

I'm sure that you have seen addons like !ReTeal, !DK Recolor, and others which seek to customize the default class colors for your UI. Unfortunately, changing the game's RAID_CLASS_COLORS table that stores this information taints the UI greatly, and interferes with the Raid UI, setting main tanks, etc. !ClassColors is an addon that seeks to provide you with your color customization needs without breaking the default UI. Instead of changing the RAID_CLASS_COLORS values, it creates a new table to store class colors in called CUSTOM_CLASS_COLORS. ClassColors then applies these colors to the default UI, and other addons can use them as well.

To read more about how it works, and learn how you can use it in your own addons, see its download page.


Ever look at your timer bars and wish you didn't have to read the time left amounts to see if that bar at 50% had 15 seconds left from 30 or 5 seconds left from 10 on it? That's the problem with all of the bars having the same length. You're just not sure when things are finished - especially not related to eachother, without taking the time to read the information. DotIt is for all of you players confounded by this, because if the spells you are monitoring don't have the same duration, their bars won't have the same length either. As you can see in the screenshot, each debuff appears at the appropriate location along the timeline and counts down from there. (Think the cooldown module from ForteXorcist.)

Find out more about it here.


[Click image for full-size view.]

This mod creates background panels for your chat frames, action bars, etc. But, instead of using a static texture, it uses an animated fog model used by the game. To see how it looks in-game, the author has provided a link to a video in the addon's description. It will also create backgrounds for various default UI frames, such as the character panel, mail frame, etc. In order to see the fog for these frames, however, you will need to use the addon Skinner and configure it so that these frames are clear. If you wish to customize the color of the fog used, or if you want to add another frame to create a background for, open up FogBG.lua in any text editor and find the related areas to edit.

To view the video or try it yourself, see the download page.


[Click image for full-size view.]

This is an addon for Death Knights which provides a graphical reminder of what presence (stance) they have active. You can choose to keep your normal presence set as having no texture and use it as a warning that you are in Frost, for example, instead of Blood, or you can use it as a permanant decoration for your UI. For each presence you can choose to display a solid color overlay, a texture, or nothing at all. You can also configure the alpha of the overlay if you wish for it to be less obtrusive.

See more screenshots and download it here.

For previous Picks of the Week, see here.

Are you the author of a mod that you think belongs in this spotlight? Just upload/update it to WoWInterface, and it will automatically be considered for that week's Pick.
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