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disable minimap button bag?

first let me start by saying ive been using this addon for a while now and i love it. only UI ive been able to get accustomed to.

now for my question (and if not fixable, then its a suggestion) - is there a way to disable the minimap button bag? i moved away from having nUI manage the minimap because its just too small for me then, but i find it almost contradictory that if you tell nUI to stop managing the minimap, it still manages its buttons. ive looked through all the slash commands and couldnt find anything. i also tried deleting the minimap integration as well as the buttonbag plugin, but deleting the plugin just breaks the whole bag bar.

long story short - is there a way to remove the button bag without breaking the bag bar?

gah, dont know why, but as of late, the fact that i have to open a bag to access the buttons that are normally in a different place just bugs me. so if theres a way to fix this, i would be very appreciative. and if not, i would kindly like to suggest this as something to add into a future version.

thanks a million!

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/nui bagbar [off|on|mouseover]
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Yeah -- there's no mechanism, at present, to not have nUI gather up the buttons. It's kind of one of those "I'll get around to that someday" kind of things simply because it's a non-issue for almost everyone. It'll happen eventually, can't say when though.

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alrighty then, at least i know now. and thank you for the prompt response =)

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found a quick fix for those who dont mind adding a few lines of code (as long as you dont mind me posting this spiel2001)

go to your Interface\Addons\nUI\Plugins folder

open nUI_ButtonBag.LUA in notepad.

scroll to where it says "-- buttons we want to force ignore of"

open WoW, log in, and open the minimap button bag. hover over a minimap button and run the following script -

/run ChatFrame1:AddMessage(GetMouseFocus():GetName())

it will display a frame name in your chat log. write it down exactly how it is shown (capitals count!)

so, go back to the nUI_ButtonBag.LUA file at the area i told you, and make it look like mine

-- buttons we want to force ignore of
	Excludes = 
		["MiniMapMailFrame"] = 1,
		["MiniMapBattlefieldFrame"] = 1,
		["MinimapBackdrop"] = 1,
		["MiniMapPing"] = 1,
		["MiniMapCompassRing"] = 1,
		["MinimapZoomIn"] = 1,
		["MinimapZoomOut"] = 1,
		["MiniMapTracking"] = 1,
		["MiniMapWorldMapButton"] = 1,
		["GatherMiniNoteUpdateFrame"] = 1,
		["TimeManagerClockButton"] = 1,
		["FishingBuddyMinimapMenuButton"] = 1,
		["PeggledMinimapIcon"] = 1,
at the end of the line add your frame name exactly how they were shown in previous lines. the one i added was the "PeggledMinimapIcon" frame. this is now out of my button bag and back on my minimap.

for the most part i have no problem with said bag. there's just a few things i dont want in there, peggle icon included.

hope this helps some, and i hope spiel2001 doesnt mind me posting this


edit - you can add multiple more entries. just replace the peggle frame name with what you want. and this doesnt disable the bag, just makes it ignore buttons.

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