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This post give you the list of all UI Element you can create and customize. This post will be updated each time we are adding new features.

In RDX, frames are called windows

Single Unit Windows
- Player windows
- Target windows
- Pet windows
- Focus windows
- XXXXXXTarget Windows
- XXXXXXTargetTarget Windows

Notes :
You can create many PlayerWindows with RDX. The cast bar is a player window with only the cast bar feature. The aura frame is also a player window with a Buff/debuff feature. Same with enchantframe, combo, runes, totems ...

Multi Units Windows
- Group windows
- PetGroup windows
- GroupTargets Windows
- Raid Windows
- MultiTargets Windows
- Assist Windows

Notes :
All raid windows come with a sort editor to sort the members and a filterset editor to select who you want to see in that window.
The Assists Windows show targets for each raid member, the MultiTargets show all Targets only. The MultiTarget is not a clickable window.
Like the single windows concept, you can create many raid windows. A simple raid window, a damage meter window, a decursive window, a bless paladin window, a threat window a cooldown raid window etc...

Art windows

Action Bars
- 12 - Actionbars (also bonusbar, possessbar with state)
- 1 - Petbar
- 1 - Stancebar
- 1 - Vehiclebar
- 1 - Menubar
- 1 - bagsBar

Notes :
The action bar has been completely written from scratch. We do not use the ActionBarButtonTemplate from Blizzard. Get enough of that.

Art Design
Textures, backdrop, border, anything you dream with art.
Art Design is also available with unit windows. You can change the color of backdrop, border, change texture base on conditions.

just draw a simple minimap, with blip. But this type of window need to be refactoring. TODO

OpenRDX Media Pack
To help you with customizing, the RDX Media Pack provides :
- Fonts library (40 fonts available)
- Textures library (10 sets art, 90 status bar, 10 vertical HUD status bars)
- Backdrop library (8 backdrop definitions available)
- Backdrop Border library (5 backdrop border available)
- button skin library (10 button skins available)
- Sounds library (15 sounds available)

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