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Action bars bindings

I am currently playing WoW on 2 computers, one of them as nUII, the other don't, the reason for this is that the one not using nUI probably couldnt handle it. The thing is taht nUI changes all my bindings to the nUi bars, which I dont have on my other computer thus, it has no keybindings, is there anything I can do?
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From the WoW Forum
Q u o t e: by Slouken
Right now if you want to disable the setting synchronization, you can do this on each computer where you want only local settings:
/console synchronizeSettings 0

In 3.0.3 you will be able to manage macros vs key bindings separately:
/console synchronizeConfig 0
-- turns off synchronization of UI settings
/console synchronizeBindings 0
-- turns off synchronization of key bindings
/console synchronizeMacros 0
-- turns off synchronization of macros

Whenever settings are downloaded from the server, the old settings are saved in <file>.old, so you can quickly log out, move them back into place and they'll be uploaded to the server (unless synchronizeSettings is 0).

That should help.
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If you are exiting WoW correctly, it should be restoring all of your key bindings when you log out. So, say you have 5 programmed to the first action button on the default Bliz UI... when you log in with nUI, it steals that key binding from Bliz's action bar and uses it for the first button on nUI's bar, so it "feels" just like the default UI. When you log back out, nUI puts that key binding back on Bliz's bar, so if you were to uninstall nUI and log back in, you would see the same key bindings you had before.

If that's not happening, I'm not sure why.

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I've noticed this kind of problem with me and my dad... he logs in my character (using nUI i convinced him to it) and everything seems fine (or at least he hasn't told me of any problems), but when i log back in, the binding numbers/letters (the 1,2,3's in the corner ofthe button) disappear.
The main actioin bar still functions when pressing the numbers, but special key-bindings i have (for buttons not on the main action bar) no llonger respond, and so i need to re-map them.

Hope thats helps.

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