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As requested

A few authors have asked me to start a thread where they may post any problems they are having with WowMatrix, to make it easier for them to work together, point out problems to other authors, etc. So, as requested, here's your thread.

I've also been asked for a generic DMCA template. I'm attaching it as a .rtf file. The info for ThePlanet.com is already filled in, they are WM's provider. Any information you need to fill in, I've left a blank space (or said what the information needed is) and highlighted it in yellow for you.
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Be sure to carefully read ThePlanet's legal page before sending a DMCA takedown request to them.

Originally Posted by http://www.theplanet.com/legal/
Violations & Complaints

As a provider of hosting services, The Planet provides resources with which our customers host thousands of websites. Please note that The Planet is not responsible for the content that customers publish on their websites nor can we police each and every webpage that is published using our resources. As such, we encourage you to report any potential violations of the law, our terms and conditions or the rights of others, using the resources set forth below. We will attempt to respond to, investigate and resolve each complaint we receive from you. Complaints may include reports of trademark infringement, copyright infringement, spam, phishing, fraud or hacking. Please carefully review the following information to ensure that your complaint is directed to the proper Planet representative — your failure to do so may delay or prevent our response to your complaint.

Potential Trademark & Copyright Violations

If you believe that a person is using our products, services or computer network to violate your copyright, trademark or other intellectual property right, then please direct your complaint to [email protected].

Please note that if you are submitting a notice of a copyright violation, you must comply with specific procedures in order to require The Planet (or the applicable service provider) to address the alleged violation. For more information regarding the procedures for filing a complaint under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act please click DMCA.

Please note that our Legal Department (and not our Abuse Department) handles all complaints regarding potential violations of trademarks, copyrights and other intellectual property rights — please do NOT direct these complaints to our Abuse Department — doing so may delay or prevent our response to your complaint.
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Credendo Vides
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Thank you for the additional link Arrowmaster, you are completely correct, I should have included it myself.

Also, fyi: The template linked is the one that ThePlanet wants you to use.
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Here's my blanket response:

Hi, thanks for your request. However, I will not be hosting my addons on WowMatrix anytime in the near future. There are numerous reasons why:

* WowMatrix has violated author copyright by hosting addons without permission and changing the code of the addons it does install.
* WowMatrix has hosted out of date versions of numerous addons causing the authors to spend signifigant amounts of time providing support for users who refused to acknowledge that they were using an out-of-date version of addons.
* When authors request that their addons be removed from WowMatrix, they have not complied.
* They have been and continue to try to utilize the bandwidth and hosting technology of Curse and WowInterface in clear violation of the terms of service of those websites.

As an addon author, I have the right to control where and when my addons are distributed. This allows me to provide a level of support for my users that I feel is necessary.

There are a number of easy ways to find out when an addon has been updated on WowInterface.com. Rather than trying to update the addons every time you open WoW.. you can download the latest version when it becomes available.
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