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Question Scale Question

I'm a new user to Carbonite (Amazing addon by the way) and I've been playing with it for a day or so trying to match everything to my personality.

I can't seem to figure out how to make the map automatically return to a certain scale when I move. What I'd like to do is be able to scroll out of my map and look around the zone then when I return to playing it would move back to where it was.

I've been able to sort of get it to work with auto scale, but I'd have to always have track quests on to do that. I also don't like the zoom out when I have a goto mark.

That aside, I find Carbonite to be one of the best addons I've installed. I'd definitely like to try to donate something but I can't with money being so tight, so all I can give is my thanks and props. Keep up the good work!
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If you mouse over the map, look at the upper right corner.

There is a X (or a padlock if its locked in place) and a Check box... Uncheck the "auto Scale" Checkbox and it won't zoom in and out when you track quests.

Also there is a option to save the zoom.. set the zoom as you like then right click in the middle somewhere... Then select "Save map scale"
Then if it ever gets out of whack, you just right click and click on "Restore Map Scale"
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You misunderstood, I'm looking for an option to have the map scale back to a default setting when I start moving again, like it does when I have auto scale on. The problem with auto scale is that if I need to set a goto then it zooms out to include both points instead of staying at the zoom I want.

What I've done so far is set the min and max zoom levels for auto scale to the size I want the map to stay at so when I turn on auto track and hide the marker it zooms back to mini map level. This lets me find veins and such easily and I can still zoom out and check the entire zone quickly.

I've tried the save and restore zoom scale and that is what I want it to do, but without me having to right click the map and restore every time I zoom out.

I've also tried key binding the restore map scale to my movement keys but I can bind the keys to movement and the restore map scale option at the same time.

So if there is a way to somehow get the mini map to restore map scale when I move that would work perfectly.
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Sorry, there is no way to set the scale when you move.

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