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Portraits on various info screens - is it nUI?

I have noticed a bug in the character portrait shown in the corner of the various screens like the character screen and the spell book.

Playing my druid, everything is fine until I shift.

While I am shifted it is fine showing my shifted form and looks nice a bear or a cheetah, or whatever.

However as soon as I shift back my potrait becomes a blur of my elven portrait and I think my animal portrait, hard to say as it flashes so fast both are just a blur.

I have noticed this with just nUI active as a mod, is this an issue with nUI that can be fixed, or is the bug elsewhere?
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nUI does not interact with any of Blizz's built in frames like spellbook, talents, etc. I won't say that there isn't some oddball bug that might cause that, but I would be flabbergasted if nUI had anything to do with this problem... it does not alter those panels in any way and does not interact with the code that drives those panels. I would say with 99.9% certainty it has nothing to do with nUI.

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