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Talent Window

Is it possible to write an addon that just gives a new size to a Blizz window? I would like the talent window longer so that the entire tree is visible without scrolling. I'm trying to learn how to write addons but didn't want to try to attemp the impossible.

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I'm sure it is doable... but it would probably require replacing the talent window. It may be possible to just resize it, but I wouldn't bet on it.

My advice would be to download the WoW UIDesigner program from here on WoWI and then use it's ability to browse the Blizzard code base to look at WoW's implementation of the talent window (the XML and Lua both) and then you should be able to figure out either how to resize it or replace it.

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Or you could go the easy route and just use an addon like Talented. It has just one window that shows all three trees full size. I love it. You can also load in talent specs and then with just a couple of clicks you can apply an entire talent spec in about 4 seconds.

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Ya, I ended up finding Talented on Curse. Don't think I can get my head around the whole addon creation. I've spent numerous nights reading through the code of other addons and trying to duplicate different things to no avail. /sigh

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Tried out talented too,but im not happy with it

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