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Bug: Thrusting Hodir's Spear Quest


Nui doesn't seem to display the grip information needed to complete this quest. The quest uses the vehicle mechanism to maintain a grip on the dragon. If the grip value reaches zero you fall and die. This looks like a fun quest to do but I can't seem to work out how to do it. Any help would be warmly appreciated.


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First DO you have the update one for 3.1 if not Go DL it that might be the problem

#2 IS the action bar set to the first one if not change it to that and see if that work

#3 Did nUI throw an error if so post it so scott can see it

#4 IF none of these help I'm sorry and i cant think of any thing else ATM
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I may be mistaken, but doesn't the grip appear as a debuff on the character? If so, I would expect to see it at the top left of the HUD. If it's a character buff, then it should appear in the player aura bars on the left side of the display.

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This might actually tie in with the vehicle information for the ulduar run.

I was in a refurbished devastator the other day for our first boss kill this week and being the first time in the vehicle in the two weeks we have been running it I thought I would check up on everything.

Apparently there is supposed to be a number displayed showing the pyrite count as it needs to be maxed out before the fight itself.

But althought I thought I had found the value I found out during the course of the fight that either it had nothing to do with it or it wasn't updating whatsoever as I soon ran out of pyrite too soon and couldn't use it when the boss froze up and was supposed to be hurled pyrite.
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Thanks for the responses everyone.

I am using nUI+ 5.03.01, which I believe is the latest, and my action bar did correctly change to my 'vehicle' abilities, so that was fine.

I will try the quest again and check buff/debuffs to see if the Grip value shows up there. Thanks for the suggestion.
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The grip is a Buff for your character I've done it many times with nUI enabled I do use the basic aura's rather than the aura button add on for nUI but I don't think that will matter

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You are quite correct, it shows up as a buff on the Wild Wyrm and can be seen under the buffs section. After a couple of goes at the quest I managed to successfully complete it too. Yay!

Many thanks to everyone who replied and helped me out with this.

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