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how does this work


does it just basically give you more slots to hotkey or does it actually make macros?
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It allows you to bind a spell/macro to a key without having to have that spell/macro on a bar. ie, binds directly to the slot in your spellbook or macro window.
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As it says, it allows you to bind keys directly to your spell book.
So you want Power Word: Fortitude to be the F key, you bind it to it.
Want disenchant to be D? you bind it to it.
Then when you want to buff someone, you press F and the spell is cast.
Want to DE something in a dungeon you press D and click the item you want to DE.
For our example, Power Word:Fortitude, you don't even need it on on the hotbar. F is the PW:F key.
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Everyone that uses keybinds should use an addon like this.

It simplifies the action bar significantly and makes it one hell of a lot easier to keep track of bindings<->abilities.
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