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5.03.02 DEV Bug

Just got my first little glitch while doing a shakedown of the Dev version.

With the full HUD on, in combat, the Targets Buff tooltip flickers back and forth between showing the tooltip with and without Quest information added. It's happened everytime so far that I have moused over the Buff icon while in combat.

The screenshot I've uploaded shows the tooltip that flashes back and forth. I cant seem to catch it just right to show the "Quest info in the tooltip" shot yet, lol.

*Edit: Got the screenshot for the other tooltip. Those two flicker back and forth fighting each other for who will be displayed
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I'm not sure that's an nUI issue so much given that it would have nothing to do with whether or not the quest info is included. What quest mod are you using?

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Just did more playing around right after I posted, lol. Carbonite seems to be causing it whenever you have objections in tooltips turned on within their options. It's the first time I've seen it happen though running the same addons I always have.

Here's a screenshot of the option from Carbonite, the 5th option down the list:

*Edit, I have to run out for a bit, but I'll reload the Release version of nUI+ after I get back home and do some more playing around just to be sure.
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This is something thats been on going with carbonite and cow tip i think nothing to do with nUI as I've seen it without nUI enabled

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Good to know, I hadnt ever seen it until I installed the Dev version. I'll end up playing around with the diff versions tonight and see if anything on my end is different. I don't use anything to modify the tooltip besides nUI's anchor for them, so I'll dig further
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Yeah...so you remember the movie Liar Liar with Jim Carrey? There was a scene in an elevator where he released some noxious fumes and upon exiting the elevator, turned around with a sheepish grin and exclaimed loudly...."It was meeeee"

Somehow I had turned on the quest info in the tooltip without knowing it, probably from importing another toons settings, one I had conveniently never turned that feature off for. So it was my fault and not a bug

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