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Question - Map scaling & map selection

I've always been confused by the various map settings in Carbonite and I'd like to see if I can get some of these things cleared up.

First of all, a question about the key bindings. In the key bindings window, there are the following options...
  1. Toggle Original Map
  2. Toggle Normal or Max Map
  3. Toggle None or Max Map
  4. Toggle None or Normal Map

It looks like items 2 & 3 do the same thing. What is the difference in these two options? And item 4 seems to do the same thing. I just don't understand what all these map toggles are, because they all appear to be doing the same exact thing.

What I want to be able to do is swap between a small window in the corner for general use and a large full screen map when I need to examine detail. I would think that "Toggle Normal or Max Map" would be the thing to do this, but it just seems to do the same as "Toggle None or Max Map."

Second, is there a way to make a map return to its original "full zone" scale? Often times I use a small map for questing with the "follow player" option turned on. but occasionally I need to pop out and see the full zone. I know there is the "restore map scale" feature, but that merely returns it to a scale that I set. And this setting at any given time may or may not be the full zone map. And I'd like to be able to remove all guesswork and futzing around with it and just click a key and bam I can see the full zone. I've become so tired of fiddling with Carbonite for seeing the full zone while I play that I've installed AlphaMap alongside Carbonite and have both maps up at the same time. I have AlphaMap in the bottom left of my screen showing the full zone at all times. Carbonite's map is in my bottom right and is always set to follow me around with scaling and tracking always turned on. But this extra overhead would be unnecessary if there was a quick way to toggle to full zone display.

My last question (for now) is regarding the background transparency of the map window. I would like for the map window to be completely transparent in areas where this is no map (detailed or otherwise). Currently I've got it so that the frame around the window is completely transparent when I mouse out of the map. But for areas such as ocean and zone borders where there is no detail, it appears to be at about 10% opacity. Is there any way to make it be 100% completely transparent in the actual map window frame>
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1. Toggle Original Map - this opens the default Blizzard map when the M button is hit.

2. Toggle Normal or Max Map - this makes the M button switch between the Carbonite minimized map, and the Carbonite maximized map. This is the default setting.

3. Toggle None or Max Map - this makes the M button switch between the Carbonite maximized map, and no map at all. Useful if you have minimap merging off.

4. Toggle None or Normal Map - this makes the M button switch between the Carbonite minimized map, and no map at all. Don't really know what you'd want that for, but sure.

Toggle Normal or Max Map is indeed the one you want.

To rescale the zone to fit the window, use a middle mouse click (button 3; the scrollwheel).
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To clarify, you can bind any key to those, not just M, so you could have multiple keys doing different things if you wanted to.

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