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Taboo zones feature

Sorry if its already in the addon and I just missed it...or if their is already a post on this specifically i did look and didn't see it.

First off I'd like to say I really really like this addon it has everything I had in one addon that I used to have several addons for and it all seems to work very well.

I'm somewhat confused why non wrath instances say you need Atlas installed...why not have those integrated without using another addon? I don't really care just curios about that part.

Before I was using Cartographer, Routes, Questhelper, Gathermate and probably something else I'm missing.

Anyway on to the point of this post lol. Atm theres only one feature of all those addons I haven't found in Carbonite and thats the Taboo zone in Routes you can easily set up say an area of caves as an area where it won't route you through for gathering. I've read that Carbonite can skip through with a hotkey you can set which works fine but you have to keep clicking till you skip through the whole area and a taboo zone is easier.

Ideally you would have a setting that just skips anything you can't reach easily but that would take lots of calculations some of which I read can't be done...such as height. Setting a taboo area that the routing avoids is done in the addon Routes. I'm not sure how hard it is to implement but if it could be done at some point that would be great thanks.

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