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A Defias Bandit
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mini map

when i combine the carb mini map with the wow mini map the mini map buttons do not transfer over but when i seperate the two mini map where the original mini map is showing the buttons are there. any suggestions?

update i tried seeing if i had the options wrong and now i dont even see the "C" button to access the cab options.

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By default, carb puts minimap buttons into its own display, which by default is a column down the right side of the screen. Some other addons may interfere with that - for example, nUI has its own "minimap button bag". As I have both nUI and Carbonite installed, I use nUI's bag. I think I had to turn off Carb's button thing - it's in the options, I think.
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A Defias Bandit
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i got no other map addons installed... only cab. and now i cant even access the option to carbonite. any sugestions?
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/carb options

That'll open the options window for you, even if you can't see Carbonite.

Also, pretty much any open space on a Carbonite-introduced piece of interface - like the quest watch or map - has an "Options" selection to get you there.

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