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Raid group sorting in columns

First, let me say I love nUI+, and I recommend it to everyone I have an opportunity to. I've only had one person outright say he didn't like it, and a handful say they liked it, but they preferred their layout at the moment and might try it again someday. Excellent! Keep up the great work!

I like the sorting by raid group, except that nUI shows them like so:

person1 person2
person3 person4

...with group2 like so:

person2 person3
person4 person5

It seems like it would be more logical, and easier to keep track of if they were sorted into columns like so:

(group1) (group2)
person1 person1
person2 person2
person3 person3
person4 person4
person5 person5

First column is group 1, second column is group 2, etc.

Perhaps this could be a dropdown or checkbox configurtion item if people like it the way it is now.

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Well... the problem is that there aren't five in either direction. However, I will be looking to offer some serious changes to the raid frame layouts in nUI6 and will offer an option of that sort.

For now, the number progresses always from the top to the bottom and the outside to the inside. So, in a 25 man where there are 12 on each side, it goes like this...

1 1 1 1  you  focus  target  4 3 3 3 
1 2 2 2                      4 4 4 4
2 2 3 3                      5 5 5 5
Keeping in mind that your unit frame does not show up in the panel. The issue is space and size constraints. Making it all "fit" in the space available.

All of that said, I realize it is not the optimum layout and I will address it in future alternate layouts.

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