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clique settings in nUI

I tried to find an answer to this in previous threads and could not.

I'm a disc priest & use grid2 and clique. I still keep grid separate from nui ,, when in party/raids I prefer to use it for my focus target on my tank.
The problem I have is that I am unable to find an appropriate setting in order to disable the clique casting to single buff or pull someone to target out of the grid ,, Even to leave the raid group, I end up casting on myself or target in the nUI frame. This is not an issue to right click on my frame when solo but only when grouped, meaning I'm not casting on myself in the target nUI frame when solo.
Hope this makes sense! lol.. as a priest healer, my 5 button mouse has every button and shift click utilized. There is no way to not program left and right clicks when healing with grid/grid2 -- it's our mainstays basically for speed.

With grid classic or grid2 there is not this issue as it works independently with stock party frames.

How do I work around this?

thank you for an amazing UI!


here's my setup and ps.. i have since gotten rid of CtMod for bars, since its redundant and I thought that may have been a problem.

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Clique was one thing I kept trying but it just didn't work for me. And I have a priest, druid and shaman healer. What I ended up doing was set up macros and use those instead with grid and implement a mouseover option so I didn't even need to click unless I needed to target them specifically.

But I believe there are clique/nui users out there so hopefully they will be able to describe the way they use them together.
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This is working in battlegrounds / 15 and 40 man , so I hope that it will continue in 25 man heroic raid settings , which is where I had issues last night.
I unticked all settings from the nUI portion of clique. (I had the nUI boxes unticked last night also, but it would not work. )

So, basically, all the mouse bound (clique) settings are working on Grid2 and I have raid frames in nUI that do nothing but open when I right click on the player.. doesn't cast a spell on them :-)

I/m hoping this still works in a 25 man/10 man heroic setting and lets me use the single player option to see my target but lets me right click to pst them, cast a single buff or leave the raid group when i choose. Seems simple enough since stock ui allows for this function.

thanks so much !! Lil

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