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cooldown timer

Overall this a GREAT mod BUT the seconds timer does not woek for me as a enchancement shaman. I think this is just a problem for my spec/class. The problem is the seconds timer for cooldown is wrong for Stormstrike and all3 shock spell Earth Frost and Flame Shock. It shows as 12 seconds cooldown when its 8 seconds and with talent tree points 6 seconds for my shock spells. I have times when it workd accordingly but its like 1 time out of 100 casts. The only option I can percieve to fix this issue is to not use the mod or turn off the timer on the spell box. I would like to add that the clock turning graphic of the cooldown (the clock like seconds timer) is correct.

Please give me instructions on how to turn the cooldown timer. also the seconds timer shows as purple

I really love this mod but with this bug it makes the mod not useable for me since I spend most my time looking behind the number of when the cooldown is up. I think the problem is the mod is not reading the spells right like the identifier is not right and its defaulting to 12 seconds.

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This has been raised several times and I think people have not realised that there are actually 2 numbers available for display on the buttons.

First we have the cooldown timer and then we have the debuff timer.

If the spell is on cooldown but is a debuff on the target it will show how much time is left ( the highest of the cooldown or debuff timer ) in a lilac type color.

If the spell is available to cast but is still a resident debuff on the target it will show how much time is left on the debuff it will show as I think a blueish color.

If the spell is on cooldown and not a debuff resident on the target it will show as reddish color.


Cooldown Count = 10 secs
Debuff Count = 30 secs

Spell Cast - Button shows 30 in lilac as the debuff count is higher but is on cooldown
10 seconds later - Button shows 20 in blue as cooldown is off but debuff is still active you can cast again if you wish to refresh.

With your Stormstrike ability:

Cooldown Count = 8 secs
Debuff Count = 12 secs

Spell Cast - Button shows 12 in lilac
8 seconds later - Buttons shows 4 in blue ( off cooldown )

With your Earth Shock ability :

Cooldown Count = 6 secs
Debuff Count = 8 secs

Spell Cast - Button shows 8 in lilac ( cooldown and debuff )
6 seconds later - Button shows 2 in blue ( off cooldown )

I hope that helps you a bit better. It is working in the same way as if you had OmniCC ( for cooldowns ) and InlineAura ( for debuffs ) except it is as one number instead of two and just changes color to reflect whether it is an active debuff or cooldown still applies.

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