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Lightbulb Adding your own maps

Hello, is there a way of using your own maps in the viewer for dungeons and towns? I'm not concerned about using coordinates, but does anyone know a simple way of adding maps to the in-game list? This subject has already been discussed in http://www.wowinterface.com/forums/s...ad.php?t=14942 but there's been no solution.
When studying cartographer this is what I found in InstanceMaps.lua...
for i,v in ipairs(map) do

		local tex

		if i > num_tiles then

			num_tiles = num_tiles + 1

			tex = CartographerInstanceFrame:CreateTexture("CartographerInstanceFrameTexture" .. i, "ARTWORK")

			CartographerInstanceFrame[i] = tex


			tex = CartographerInstanceFrame[i]


		local file, x, y, w, h = unpack(v)

		tex:SetTexture("textures\\Minimap\\" .. file)

		local A, B = abs(cos(angle)), abs(sin(angle))

		w, h = w*A + h*B, w*B + h*A



		tex:SetPoint("CENTER", CartographerInstanceFrame, "CENTER", smallRotate(angle, x, y))

		tex:SetTexCoord(ULx, ULy, LLx, LLy, URx, URy, LRx, LRy)


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i think cartographer is using its own frames and not the built-in blizzard world map.

if your not concerned with coordinates and such, try out atlas, for what i've seen it has a complete database of instance maps. And not to mention notes about quests/loot/etc.

About the towns.... now thats a trickier one, addons like carbonite let you view something really zoomed in, but i dont know if those would be towns and such as well.

My best bet would be that just as being said in the mentioned topic, pin a note on the map on a place that is interesting to you. After a while you can get there blindfolded. Most of the stuff you can find quickly enough though with the tracker (almost anything can be tracked) or just ask a guard.

i think the major issue that it hasnt been done before is that such an addon wouldnt be used long, i mean, how long do you spent in gadgetzan/booty bay/etc, Most of the time youll be spending at lvl 80 in dalaran or any other major city.

Good quality instance maps are used though, but then again, atlas already provides that function, and a lot more spread through different modules.
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The "easy" way to do this, is just change the maps.

like I am doning

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Thanks for the info I've just found an updated version of metamap on this site which you can customize.
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