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Talking Warlock Green Fire!

I finally put the finishing touches on my new spell replacer patch, Fel Fire! I know this isn't exactly interface related but...Warlocks have always wanted Green Fire ever since we saw the first Fel fire spells in burning crusade. Countless patches have been made, then abandoned, then to be resurrected again only to be horrible and completely outrageous. I wanted something simple, something that just turned my fire green, nothing else. Not a bunch of random spell replacements that had countless spell incompatibilities. On top of that I also wanted a patch that would change my icons to the Fel fire equivalent, which none of them did. Sadly no one ever took the time to work a patch out like this, even though it might be the most sought after patch ever. Well, that all changes here…

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As this is against the TOS/EULA (direct confirmation by Blizzard posted here in another thread: http://www.wowinterface.com/forums/s...t=30433&page=3), the above link has been removed and this thread has been closed.
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