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Moving Castbar?


on my recommendation a friend of mine has now installed nUI - and is happy but for one thing: He is trying to find a way to move the castbar. Me, being far from versatile in nUI, unfortunately can't help him and since his English is sort of nonexistent I'm asking for him...

Is there a way to move the castbar and if yes how?

Thanks guys and girls for taking the trouble :-)
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Unfortunately at the moment it isn't a simple change but also not that complicated either..

Using a simple text editor you should be able to edit these files to do what you want.

In Folder : \Interface\AddOns\nUI\Layouts\Default\HUDLayouts
Then one of these folders depending on which hud layout you want it changed for : NoHUD, NoBars, HealthPower, PlayerTarget
Using PlayerTarget as an example open up the following file in that folder : nUI_HUDSkin_PlayerTarget_Castbar.lua

The section I believe you want to look at is :
["Casting"] =
	anchor =
		anchor_pt   = "BOTTOM",
		relative_to = nUI_HUDLAYOUT_PLAYERTARGET.."Bottom",
		relative_pt = "TOP",
		xOfs        = 0,
		yOfs        = 130,
Change xOfs for left/right movement and yOfs for up/down movement. You can make this change while in game or out. Just relog or reload the ui with /nui rl and it will reflect your change. If you are nervous of making changes, make a copy of the file to fall back to if something goes wrong

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